Would you Adam and Eve it!

Darlington street resurfaced around parked car Darlington street resurfaced around parked car - BBC News


A few nudges with a JCB would sort that car out. Where are the twockers when you need them. LOL.

It’s amazing what the Authorities can’t do in situations like this… “it’s not breaking the Law… so we can’t remove it”

I hope they locate the Owner soon…

Typical Beemer driver. (Though I have to be cautious because I’m considering buying one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

It passes all understanding why local authorities do not have a ‘built in’ right to remove obstructions like this car.

One might say it’s a dereliction of their duty to avoid excess costs to the rate payer to have to send the road menders back. Sue them, I say! Sue them! :smiley:

The usual story s of double yellow lines being painted around a car … But a whole road :rofl: