Would you like to donate a little gift?

Any one in 33/47/24 who loves cats and dogs?
I am looking for small donatIons …little gifts for my Tombola
at the Event on May 14th.
Would be great if you wish to spend the afternoon having tea,
enjoying the fashion show and listiening to the music.
Lovely venue with woodland.near Bergerac airport.
La Chartuse du Bagnac.
For details do call me 0557474233 Barbara

La Chartreuse du Bignac :blush:

Vero have I spelt it wrong?

Will you be attending?

I think you just hit the wrong keys :wink: I shall not be attending because it is the weekend before my birthday and I’ll be away. I know the C du B though, pretty, it is about 5 minutes away from my house.

Well have a good birthday.

Yes it is a pretty place.

Have you an ideas about spreading the word locally?

Would be great…

Local Radio, newspapers, shops/supermarkets, flyers, Facebook pages/groups

Thank you James had not thought about radio…going to go to Vet’ surgeries.
Well had a meeting with the Director of SPA who has to get approval from the man at the top.
So raising money for others in not so easy.

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The Démocrate, Sud-Ouest, la voix de la vallée, radio Orion, France Bleu Périgord.

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thank you