Would you pass this far and wide please - word of mouth/twitter/facebook/blogs

My friend's little girl is desperately ill and they are currently unable to find a suitable match. Her family and their friends have started a facebook page to raise awareness of bone marrow donation and are urging those of us that can to offer to donate in the urgent hunt for a match. If they cannot find a UK match they will look abroad. Her parents are of Scottish/Mexican/French blood. Please become a donor and please go for a match.

We would like this message to go as far and wide as possible - would you link to her facebook page on your walls or blogs.


I've sent it on - I'm not sure how to donate bone marrow here in France? does anyone know?

Many thanks.

Her mother has now put a comment on the facebook page. It has all happened so fast, just look at the two photos, barely any time between the two.

Hi will spread the message. Have been on the Anthony Nolan donor list for over 20 years a really worthwhile list ot be on

Facebooked, good luck x

Many thanks James and Catharine.

Tweeted. x