Would you pay a little more for food "made in France"?

Bearing in mind we have been talking about how expensive (or not) it is to live in France…

Why not a little less, after all they haven’t had to travel as far? :wink:

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@Stella That is the new thing to choose aliments grown around where you live. I order meat on a big farm 20 km from where we live freeze all and that is fresh meat for six months. The same with veg growing all we need and freeze. What more do you want. Wonderful world


i pay more for quality food.


I try to buy locally produced food.

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Living in Normandy and shopping locally I don’t see much evidence of imported foods in the supermarkets, except spices, some exotic fruits and, occasionally, imported vegetables. Even Lidl, which is a German outfit, seems to source most of its products in France, although they do have special one-off displays of Italian or German foodstuffs and some imported wines and spirits. We prefer fresh non-processed foods, and these are generally locally grown or reared.


One big difference in my food shopping habits since I moved to France is that I now buy far more seasonable fruit and veg. It tends to be reasonably local and cheap. I eat as many strawberries when they are avaliable and Charente melons in the summer. I know it’s possible to buy Spanish strawberries all year round and North African melons too but they are rarely particularly nice and much more expensive.