Would you stay in France if Le Pen was President?

Last night saw on TV that Le Pen’s ratings were higher than Macron’s. Obviously much can change so it’s hypothetical at the moment, but not sure I’d be very comfortable here with President Le Pen. Would any of you consider leaving ?

Absolutely not - she’s anti-immigrant and I am one!

Complicated innit.
It’s exactly the same dilemma a lot of EU citizens in the UK must be facing.
I guess what you decide, depends on your personality and personal circumstances.
You can say ‘This is my home and I have every right to stay’ but if you have a thin skin, if you feel unwelcome you might soon start asking yourself, what’s the use in staying in a place where I feel hunted.
Some people have thicker skins than others.
Some people will stand up for their rights to prove a point, after all unless France Frexits (and I’ve seen a few Frexit posters around recently) then Ms Le Pen is obliged to abide by EU policy. So if she goes too far there will be legal challenges, and I respect people who bring these challenges because they’re doing it on behalf of all of us. Unfortunately I’m not one of them, you need a lot of self-belief and resilience and I’m basically too insecure to have that self-belief. I walk away from fights because I’ve learned from experience that even if I win, I tend to be so soured by the whole experience that I no longer want anything to do with whatever it is I was fighting for.
I once went through an appeals process at work; I applied for promotion and I found the interview questions very difficult, they were asking me about things that I’d never given any thought to, so I wasn’t at all surprised when I didn’t get the job. Then I discovered afterwards that the other candidates had been sent a detailed job description that helped them prepare for the questions, and I had never been sent it, clerical error pure and simple. I got persuaded by my colleagues to appeal, so I did and I won, but I was so ashamed at having caused such a fuss and I’d found the whole process so unpleasant and stressful that I promptly handed in my notice.

President’s come and go. I have no intention of budging. I’ve lived through many president’s/ prime ministers that were repellant…

Anyway, if I could only live somewhere where I agreed with the government I’d probably have to buy a 2m square island somewhere to live on.


The EU elections are often nothing more than a protest/frustration vote.
Consider the FN’s and UKIP’s performance at the last EU elections. Both did rather well but were unable to translate their ‘success’ into votes/MP’s in their own domestic elections.


It won’t happen but if it did of course I would stay, everything I have is here and everything I have is French: business, other half, kids etc. and all being well I’ll be French before long too!

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What a shame.
We won’t be moving from here.
We have been adopted by the village.

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I can’t imagine the French electing a female president any more than the US doing so.
Not for many years in any case.

That’s very open and honest of you Anna. I agree with your first part wholeheartedly … if LePen became President then I’d see how France felt for me and my situation … but I’d hope I’d be strong enough to stay.

Hikary Clinton nearly did it, but investigating her mails the week before the election put the tin hat on it for her.
Then, of course, they did not find anything.

Clinton lost because of the crazy US voting system and the ‘anyone but Hillary’ feeling that even affected Democrats, Macron won in a similar way.

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I don’t have anywhere else to stay :confused:

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Us neither… and, anyway, we could not leave all our friends in the lurch while we wandered off to pastures new… :upside_down_face: They’ve already made that quite clear…:hugs:

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I guess I’m more of a rolling stone than most. I love my little house to bits and I like living where I do because it’s a good background (I’d say “cadre” in French but I can’t find the right word in English) where I can get on with my life undisturbed. But if that changed, I wouldn’t stay somewhere I didn’t want to be any more just to keep other people happy. It’s my life and at this stage there’s not that much of it left. Maybe I’ve got egotistical in my old age, but saying that I’ve always moved around a lot, I’ve never felt defined by where I live and I don’t seem to put down roots so there’s no trauma when it’s time to move on. As it is I spend many months a year travelling, and really I feel as at home in the motorhome as anywhere.


I think that France is divided just as in the UK.
Here we are welcomed, but I can imagine that if you lived in a very Frexit area it would be difficult.
One would hope that France would see the mess that the UK is going through and say ‘Not here thank you’.

I guess I’m more of a rolling stone than most.

You mean you look like Charlie Watts ?

It’s a very personal thing… home…

I’ve moved so many times, right from childhood… each time I put down roots and each time I got repotted/transplanted… :rofl:

However, since I married… each time we moved… I would say… this is the last time … mmmm… but, I reckon we have finally made our last move… certainly regarding which country… might downsize if absolutely necessary, but no plans just yet…

Like us downsize.
Come out of it with euros that are not subject to the awful exchange rate.

Well Jane according to the polls, more French are supporting Le Pen than Macron so that ( ie seeing sense over how Brits have messed up with Brexit ) doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment … and yes shows it’s another very divided country … still the massively depressing and damaging gilet jaune movement going for example …

No he was always a bit dapper. I’m more of a Bill Wyman, more scruffy and dopey-looking.