Would you stay in France if Le Pen was President?

This is a European Election. A chance to show your displeasure with the government.
Macron got in because of the peculiarly French system of second round voting, which usually ends up with people voting against instead of for.

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Mmm… I wonder if folk displeased with Macron… will be more pleased if Le Pen wins the European…

I have to stay…I’ve nowhere else to go.

In real terms the French will never elect Le Pen - as the last election and the one her father made the final run off everyone else would vote for anyone but Le Pen - anyone would have beaten Le Pen last time. There’s a protest vote for want of a better word - more an alienation vote - that core will never be 50%.

Equally if she is elected the people you see daily won’t change - governments come and go - people don’t really change. And governments are always best ignored - your neighbours either are or aren’t Le Pen supporters whether she’s elected or not.

I tend to agree that Le Pen will probably do pretty well in the Europeans, and as you might have noted in her latest screed that she is no longer overtly working to destroy the EU - unlike the Foul Farage. This is not to deny her total Fascism to migration, and of course this is shared by other EU politicians -even Presidents such as Orban and the Polish Poison Dwarf whose name I can never spell*.

Sylvani in Italy also seems to be shaping us a a creep set on dividing Italy into North v South (again!). Austria is already Fascist alhough the latest scandal there might dent their image a little. Czechia (did you know that is the formal short name for the Czech Republic?) is hovering, and there is little doubt tht there will be a greater enclave of anti-European MEPs than before.

*Has anyone noticed that the scandals surrounding the Catholic Church in that most overtly (bigoted?) religious country Poland is tip-toeing round the obvious (to me) question of how far up the chain did the paedophilia go? Surely not…? The man’s been made a Saint hasn’t he?

On the main thrust of staying or going, I will definitely stay, and I have a bit more faith in the political nous of the average French person than I have seen evidenced in the UK. Plus of course France doesn’t have the rampaging foam-at-the-mouth Nationalistic, xenophobic redtops of the UK which helps.

The Social Media seems to favour young people, and I think I have more faith in them rather than the older lot like me!

The only real danger I see is the fact that France has this two-stage voting system which allows for the ‘warning shots’. The EU Election is a one-hit, and the first vote is also the last. So I hope that is not overlooked! Mind you having read all the mailed brochures, only one stands out to me. So my choice as a first-time French voter is obvious.

Finally, although I have mentioned this elsewhere, my own brother is a follower of Farage which makes it very hard to talk to him. Yesterday I noted that Wigan, where he lives, voted almost 70% to Leave.

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As someone else mentioned, presidents come and go, but our French friends will always remain our friends. We certainly have no intention of EVER returning to the US!

The original question was

" Would you stay in France if Le Pen was President ?"

Yes of course, nothing will change.

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Except, for me Peter, the way I would feel about being surrounded by people who voted for her insular principles. I’m afraid the fact that my friends and neighbours telling me that I’m not the type of immigrant they have a problem with - just makes matters worse :frowning:. I appreciate they’re trying to reassure me but, by doing so, they expose themselves…

Anyway - take a look at the flyer for tomorrow’s European elections - the strap line sounds like either Citizen Smith or part of a Spice Girls song!!

Interestingly she has a nice clean cut young running partner at her side - with a name direct from the hills of Tuscany. I do hope he fully understands French values, traditions and the way of life :wink:

(Note - Other parties / candidates are available - consult your voter pack!!)

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Simon… perhaps you are misunderstanding… perhaps they are meaning that you are the not the type of (Brit) immigrant they have a problem with…:wink:

Just a thought :thinking:

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LOL good try Stella but no! I can assure you they make it very clear what type of immigrant they are talking about!

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When we first arrived in our commune the FN vote was pretty small. Sadly it has risen, and risen, and risen. We get on fine with many neighbours only because there is a very clear unspoken agreement that we do not talk politics.

From OH’s work in human rights/ disappeared we have friends of various nationalities who visit that make our neighbours’ eyes pop out on stalks. As yet they have said nothing, but I dread them doing so as I really don’t know how we could continue living here if they did. Cowardly? Maybe. But could we Iive in permanent combat with neighbours?

Luckily we now have a small circle of more open minded friends locally, so that keeps us positive about the area.

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I think one of the really scary things about the last Presidential elections in 2017 was that the town of Oradour-sur-Glane (87 Haute Vienne) returned a vote of 30% for Le Pen / National Front in the second round.

The town was destroyed and the population murdered by the SS in 1944.

Interesting, personal and open comments Jane … to reflect on how many of your neighbours and friends may be FN / Le Pen supporters and / or voters. That’s what I was alluding to I guess when I started this topic. I only know one person here in Bordeaux that is a pro-Brexit supporter and only a few who I think may be Le Pen supporters. But if more came out of the woodwork and impacted on my daily life then I guess I might start feeling a bit uncomfortable and less at home. But … as several people have said … where do you go to if you’ve made your home in a country and the politicians change ( or threaten to … ) the essence of life there … ???

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The village in which we have the house placed Le Pen highest on 26.86% in the 1st round and, although did place Macron first in the 2nd round the split was 54.25 to 45.75%

If my French ever gets good enough for casual conversation, I plan to avoid politics as much as possible.

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Yes I found that totally bewildering too Simon.
I have visited Oradur - sur -Glane and the chill and horor of it stayed with me for a long time. It beggars belief that those who have this on their doorstep would want Le Pen anywhere near there let alone vote for her party !

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I know Ann it’s horrific isn’t it - made me cry :cry:

I don’t know whats happening with the World today - especially Europe - it’s almost like we’re reverting to fiefdoms - like Game of Thrones, daft analogy but that’s how it feels.

Here’s the flyer for the UPR in todays Euro elections. And still the madness goes on - even after seeing how it’s ripped the UK apart - absolutely beggars belief! Frexit, Sovereignty, A Free France - give me strength… pfffffffff

(Note: Other parties and candidates are available - see your voter pack !!!)

Some people see the economic power of Germany as a threat and are prepared to forget history for monetary advantage.

How does that work Jane ?

Until last year I lived literally down the road from Oradour and paased the martyred village most days. I’ve visited I don’t know how many times over thirty years and each time I feel the same sadness. The ‘new’ Visitor centre has been well done, a far cry from the little souvenir booth which used to be at the main entrance.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me, people have short memories and the French can be very faux-cul and racist, just like the Brits and most other nationalities really, runs for cover (back to the counter of his tabac as the steady flow of Sunday regulars come in) :joy::rofl::joy: