Writers Abroad Anthology

Closing date: 31 July 2013. Entrants: Only for expat and former expat writers. Fiction: 1700 words max. Non-fiction: 1000 words max. Flash Fiction: 500 words max. Poems: 30 lines max. Theme: Foreign places. Free to enter, all profits from the anthology will be donated to the charity Book Aid International, and a Foreword will be written by novelist, Amanda Hodgkinson.

Full submission guidelines: www.writersabroad.com

I'll give it another try - when I am not working (ahem)... cheers.

Brian, I received the following message re: your submission from Writers Abroad: - 'Glyn, thanks for your message, not had a submission from Brian/ Has he followed the links from the site? All submitters get a confirmation email...or should do!'

I've never received a confirmation email for my submission, though I've been told, in the same message, they have received it. To be clear they have not received yours.

If I can help anymore with this let me know.


Brian, I'm a member of WA. I've contacted them on your behalf. I'll let you know if, and hopefully when I receive a reply.


Sorry, should have been clearer. Over the last month I have e-mailed twice, about two weeks ago last time.

The organiser may be out of your time zone - give her 24 hours.

I have attempted to contact them. I have written something, would like to submit it as a try at fiction. I went to their site, took it all in and see that there is apparently a way of submitting something with joining. I thought I would like to do that, see how it goes and then think about whether to join or not. So I read through and they say there is a way of contacting them, which I could not find. So I have e-mailed their 'enquiries' address twice and have had no response. I strikes me that these people let themselves down but also (and I do not mean me) miss gifted writers.

Anybody have advice?

Have you posted this on Bookworms and a general SFN page - I think the homepage.