Writing - translations

Here's what has happened.

I write (don't a lot of us) and had a screenplay accepted by Polygram some years ago. It was subsequently shelved/dropped and they made something obscure like Notting Hill instead!! Bastards!! lol

I have recently encountered a french director/Producer who is interested in the story. My problem is that he is French; the screenplay is in English. My french is nowhere good enough to do the translation myself and I have very little money to live on, let alone pay a huge sum to a translator.

Can anyone make any (sensible) suggestions? Please?

I am busy this week end but send me a private e-mail and I will send you my phone number.

Thanks for the reply. Sounds ideal from my point of view. Someone French who knows the little nuances of the language.

I would happy to chat with you

I no longer translate but used to do so professionally and Dominique's offer sounds very good and worth giving a go (if you can agree on the percentage that is!)

Merde ! ;-)

I am French, a fairly reasonable writer, I used to edit an English professional magazine and made translations of French Websites into English. To translate into French would be a treat.

I would do it for a percentage of your fee if you sell the work.