Wrong island!

Years ago I livedd in Anguilla and used to take the boat over to st Martin to buy food as there were only three shops on our island…that was in 1974! Looks very different now. But Caribbean still,has great appeal and we are just back from five weeks spent in the south of st Lucia where we have renovated a wooden greenheart house and made an apartment to rent out…fantastic view and here you have the real Caribbean. No hotels, no tourist shops, a conch shell is blown three times a day to announce the arrival of fresh fish and lovely friendly people and easy walk down to the beach. Easy to get to from France…fly Paris to Martinique and take the ferry across and then bus down to the south. Visit the pitons, a drive in volcano, rainforest, beautiful beaches and drive through cocoa and banana plantations and spectacular botanical gardens. We have a lovely apartment for two people to rent. Fully euipped, wifi, hot water and cable TV. The old French bed went out on a container from our house in the lot in 2010 If you want photos…please contact me.

Still love France though. We have had a house in the lot for 23 years and am really looking forward to going back there in two weeks time. Whenever we have been away for a while, I am socked in the eye by the beauty of the lot, the wildness, the new green of spring and the calm. Really it is possible to make dreams come true!!!

Wow! That sounds fantastic. I am seriously tempted....

(By the way - you are upside down!)