Yes, more on the theme of chairs and interiers

The pics I have attached are of the sofas and chairs owned by friends. Some times, a close friend tells me to put something on a chair, or someone, but I cant seem to be able to or want to. Am I missing something I wonder? I have been interested in the theme of chairs for two years now. Previous to chairs I pursued hairdressers cutting hair, cafes, churches, villages, chefs, fish, horses etc.

Happy painting


Thank you for your kind remarks, fiona. People are my favorite subject. I try to capture their essence in my paintings. I want to reveal their stories...their experiences. I always hope my paintings show how much I love and respect my models, whether family, friends, or strangers.

Hi Debra

In looking at your work which you put up for me to see I begin to appreciate detail and honesty about what is seen and not 'made up.' I think it was Gwen John who said that in keeping true to what you observe you arrive at a more spiritual and pure journey and for Gwen John that meant being closer to God. Now my memory is surely the worst but I am sure it was either Gwen John or Morandi! Both artists who love intimate moments.

I think that is what your pictures make me feel the most is a shared intimacy with your subject. I feel like I am in the place, sharing the mood the characters have created, often peaceful, allowed near but not too near, but enough to feel close to them. I like them very much and am not surprised other people do too.

Hi fiona! My work is executed in a more traditional style than yours. Photos of my work are scattered throughout this group's discussions and those of Art & Design group. However, I am attaching some photos here for you to view. I appreciate contemporary art styles and techniques but I prefer to express myself realistically...much to the chagrin of some of my long-ago art instructors. lol However, I have been able to sell my work consistently. Not the case for many of those same instructors. ;) The paintings I am including here are done in pastels. Some are quick studies, others have many hours in them. I have to move some photos from another hard drive (I am now uploading photos to the Cloud so I don't have issues with photo storage) to this PC and then I will post photos of my oil paintings, etc. I also need to get my photographer into my studio to take better photos of my work. ![](upload://tMVrcxofPWa4tGmZOZwKt356rRJ.jpg)![](upload://mCJBON88xRC3nnn0KFqlxgRDOwp.jpg)Let me know what you think...and be brutal! :)![](upload://2P7VvI0fjLNSg9kgLRdBjFXihSq.jpg)

Fiona - just looked ta your website - wonderful stuff ! Such an eye for colour and form, loved them

Dear Debra

Thanks for looking at the website and for your comment which had me thinking. I have been wondering about whether I can sustain the new direction but I cant seem to paint in any way different. The new style came about after the death of my mother two and a half years ago. She painted detailed with botanical precision, flowers and made very fine landscapes in embroidery. Hence my brush strokes and paint brushes became the same size as my mums used to be. Something happened but I am not sure what, just going with it. Do you have any pictures of your work which I could see. I am enjoying seeing very much the work on the site too. It is so good and inspirational. What a good idea, to have this place for us all.

Hi fiona... I am replying a little late but I looked at your website soon after you shared its URL. Your older work is quite powerful. Your use of texture makes me want to touch your paintings in addition to viewing them. (I once got scolded for touching a painting in an art museum. I reached out and lightly touched the surface of a painting without even thinking... lol) However, your current style is very appealing. The familiarity of your subjects and your color choices make your work quite approachable, in my humble opinion. Sometimes there is strength in easily recognizable, universal images.

Hi Debra

Thanks for your encouraging comments. Its so nice to be able to show ones paintings as they progress where I feel they can be appreciated and constructive criticism is also welcome as I want to improve. My earlier work, is very different, perhaps, you may see something else in it. My old website is.
Hope you enjoy looking through the images. To make the small images large you double click on them. And click again to make small again.

Hi fiona! As in your earlier paintings, your chairs are wonderful! I see there is a cat on the first one, though. :) I'don't believe there is anything wrong with preferring chairs as your subject. Based on your remarks about previous themes, it would seem that you do series of paintings...which many art coaches recommend. Your chairs and interiors are colorful, lively and beautifully rendered. There is no way you are missing anything. I say keep painting chairs until another subject clamors for you attention! Also, if you have any photos of your older paintings that you would be willing to share, I would love to see them.