Yet Another Mass Shooting In The US

Unbelievably yesterday’s shooting in Florida was the 18th so far this year in a US school.

We seem to have quite a few Americans on this forum so I’d be interested in hearing what they have to say along of course with everyone else.

In just over two weeks time I’ll be staying quite close to where the shooting happened, my OH is a bit twitchy about going to say the least.

And Americans are obsessed with international terrorism…the stats are a bit old - ‘Being shot by another American’ is up around 13,000 today.

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Now that list tells you a lot.

As someone said on Facebook this morning - Take away all the guns. If they don’t like it, offer them our thoughts and prayers, because every time there is a mass shooting we offer the parents of the murdered children our thoughts and prayers so surely that’s all the comfort they’ll need for the loss of a gun.


No one needs a gun…no one.
With the exception of those engaged in law and order.

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@Barbara_Deane seems a bit unfair on those who take part in shooting or gun sport generally.

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Hmmm depends what the target is …

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The GB shooting team has to go abroad to practise.
We met one of them at an airport and this was a result of Hungerford.

Which is crazy IMO.

I take it you mean pistol shooting.

Privately owned hand guns were banned after the Dunblane school shooting, semi automatic weapons were banned after the Hungerford shootings.