Yet another scam

I have just received a scam e-mail purporting to be from Pay Pal.

It is addressed to Mr: (no name), yet my e-mail clearly shows that I am female.

I know it is early morning, but they really will have to do better than that if they think they have a chance of catching me out!

Totally agree. They always ring at mealtimes when they think that they can catch you in. If it is Private or one of the known numbers, we let it ring.

There are some quite well faked ones purporting to be overpayments to Orange/Caisse d'Epargne etc etc (so send your details so they can 'credit your account') going around too - they all look fairly obvious if you're in the know, what with the spelling mistakes etc, but presumably catch out enough people to make it worth while... email scam attempts actually annoy me a lot less than telephone selling/scamming attempts because I actually get up to answer my telephone & stop doing whatever vitally important thing (joke) I'm doing & it is more of a pain.