Yoghurt making

Anyone make their own yoghurt ??

This looks like it might be worth having a go…

I bought a yoghurt maker a couple of years ago and found that it produces great yoghurt at much less than the price of the supermarket stuff and more flavour. It also makes fromage blanc. Flavour the yoghurt with some home made jam or honey and it’s absolutely delicious with no additives.


I make labné (lebanese style yoghurt) in my oven set very low in a bog standard glass soufflé dish. Then I strain it. As I have hordes of children I make a lot at a time or else it is pointless. Those yoghurt makers with little pots are no use for us.

Hi Véronique,
The one I have is about 25 cms in diameter and does indeed have several little pots with lids for individual Yoghurts. But it also includes one large bowl and four smaller bowls for making either “bulk” yoghurt or fromage blanc. I find it useful because it has a timer and so you can set it to work while you go out, or overnight.