You Know You've Been Here Too Long When

I made tea today. Discovering we were out of fresh milk, I used that vile UHT stuff, tasted it, and decided that it really was OK.

Been here too long.

Ha! Ha! I do that too but that is because my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp so no room for a kettle along with the coffee maker and, we only drink coffee because of the disgusting taste of the milk :slight_smile:

oh yuk. Well I went round to one friends house and she told me to use tap water & heat it in the microwave to make tea…there was me confused about where she hid her kettle!

We now drink tea black!

But we do use Bio UHT milk in everything as we could hardly ever find Bio Fresh.
Oh and you’ve been here too long when you drink a petit Cafe or a Noisette because its only 1 euro

Other half has definitely been here too long as he now makes tea just before the kettle reaches boiling point - very French!

We use it all the time for EVERYTHING as well as when we first moved over there was never any fresh milk in the supermarket. I have to admit I have got used to it now and it was only when I gave a glass to a child visiting from teh UK and he turned his nose up that I realised how different it tastes!

Love it - we switched last year after only 7yrs in France :slight_smile:

Sorry but it sounds to me like you have a problem with your taste buds :wink:

No, after 22 years, UHT milk is not OK in tea. It’s OK in coffee, porridge, custard, mashed potatoes, it’s even OK for the kids as they were born here but no way, in a cup of PG Tips! - the only tea worth drinking!

Love this - we’ve been here 6 years and in the last few months I’ve started using the UHT stuff to make my porridge.