You view TV box with 7 day catch up!

Why waste your money on such an item? Everything is already shown again and again and was not worth watching in the first place. Going by the absolute drivel the UK TV companies have served up for our Christmas "entertainment" I feel that whoever was responsible for scheduling should be shot!
98% of what was shown was old stuff & what is more it was repeated almost every day! Did you miss "Eddie Stobart at Christmas"? Never mind, it's been on almost every day since, along with exciting "don't miss" hairless apes chucking beer barrels about, a.k.a "World's Strongest Man". You can see something similar outside any UK nightclub at 2 am.
Films? "Force 10 from Navarone" a 32 year old film, was not the oldest film shown, but not exactly seasonal! Most other films were at least ten years old & have been on TV quite a few times before. What happened to all the films made in this decade? Surely someone has made a film woth putting on at Christmas? One of the channels' daily schedules had "repeat" against every programme on Christmas Day except the films - which have been on before!

The new year heralds such brain numbing delights as "Nonentity Big Brother" and ITV's latest audience wower "Celebrity jumping off a plank into some water" or "Splash" as ITV creatively calls it.

The biggest worry is that TV caters to the masses, which indicates to me that the masses are certainly not bright. Very soon I expect University Challenge will be no harder than guessing which shoe box to open next and be hosted by Mr Edmunds.

The quality of UK television is depressingly poor & I'm pleased that none of my licence money goes there. Please don't tell me that I am "lucky" to get TV in English - it's there & it's free, & that's all in its favour. If I'm served a meal covered in maggots do I still have to eat it & be grateful? I can turn it off, true, but television is meant to entertain, a job it is not fulfilling. Now even the adverts take up 20 minutes in the hour & are timed so that you cannot channel hop while they are on.
I challenge SFNers to list the new TV programmes that they enjoy. I think it will be a short list!
Yes, I agree that I am a grump - circumstances this year left me on my own at home where I managed to poison myself with my cooking, so it was just me, the bathroom & the telly & the telly was no friend!
I did not have the strength to read a book!
Happy New Year,
Mark Rimmer

i blame it on cutbacks

but then recall it was always like that.

I also like those two but they can hardly be called Xmas viewing since they are showing throughout the year.

Well I disagree - with Sky plus in one room and Freesat plus in the other room, everyone was entertained by the programmes, the documentaries and the sport. And there was the odd French gameshow in the kitchen to accompany those informal meals.

I agree with every word the OP has to say about the Xmas selection on UK TV. Total cr*p! Thankfully it is dead easy to download almost any film from the internet for free and watch it when you want.

Sandy, Mark asked: 'I challenge SFNers to list the new TV programmes that they enjoy. I think it will be a short list!'

He did not ask what we enjoyed over Christmas, for instance, and certainly not the very enjoyable radio alternative that tends to drone on where I am working.

The French version of "The Price is Right" with that bald bloke who seems to be on everything was amusing.

Scandy dramas and those half hour progs on trains, coaches, etc. on BBC4? Wildlife programmes, Restless, Dr Who-sorry but have to disagree with you; there were loads of good BBC programmes but very few on the other channels. Why not listen to BBC radio 4 or 4extra? Just because you don't like a programme doesn't mean it's bad! Always thought that for the licence fee the Beeb provided a wide range of programmes but now we get it for free it's an even better bargain.

Neil's comments on Sandy's page

Well, you could have chosen the French TV during that period; the nauseating effect it had would have cleaned your bowels even faster.....

I am enjoying the current University Challenge special series but that is about it.

David Attenborough's 'Africa'. Saw the first one and will watch the repeat and all five further instalments.

Dr Who. I saw the first ever one wet November Saturday evening in 1963, so because...

As you said, short list...