Young children, coffee mornings in 82 (limit of 47) region

Hi, i posted on main page, but was told to try here!! I'm 22 and a full time mummy! My daughter has just turned two and while we enjoy eachothers company she is in deperate need of an english playmate to help with her language and to socialise with. she is very active and has lots of energy to burn, so needs a pal to burn it with!! i am also in desperate need of a mummy friend to gossip and laugh with over a coffee! i don't drive so can only receive at my house.. :(
Coffee mornings, walks to village park and picnics during good weather are what we need but would love to share these moments with some friends!!

Crossing fingers there is someone out there for us!! Hope x

Hello all again! i've put a selling swap give away event on my page for mainly womans and children stuff also household accessories!! please feel free to go have alook and invite friends!! as i have lots of items to sell thank you all xx


I don't live close (Antibes - 06), but I thought I might suggest a few things that we have done. My husband and I both work full time and have an almost 2 year old daughter and it has been a struggle to get playmates together & mommy friends too. for your area, post an ad there as well and suggest a meetup or some activities in your area.

Also...go to and sign up! There are a lot of categories for moms, families, small kids, etc. and the site will help you connect with others and the events that they are having!

Hi Hope,

We actually live in St Nicolas de la Grave and my daughter has horse riding in Valence. Defenitely will call you! x

Hi Hope. I tried to send you a message with the friend request but maybe it didn’t send?

My dad (Colin Granville) already posted but I thought I’d make contact too!

Me + my husband and our two daughters (one is just 2, the other is 7 months) are moving to Lamagistere (from the UK!) in July.

We’re going to be there for a couple of weeks at the end of April, would love to meet up? My email is if you want to give me a shout?

sorry my reply is lower down I clicked on wrong button haha x

Hi Jo butting in on here haha was this message just for Kathrin as I noticed you'd added me as a friend.. Is it Valence d'agen you are moving to?? As Valence is quite a trot from here so I believe! Good luck with the move x

Hi Kathrin!

Yes Moissac isn't to far away, We live in Dunes its in the Valence d'Agen direction, probably 20 to 30 mins from you! Yes definately up for chat and coffee! You can help me educate my lively child haha.. show me the ropes so to speak!

Please contact me if you would like to come over!


Hi sorry, we are in the 82 region on the border of 47 i think where you is quite far away :s

Hi Colin.

How lovely that your daughter and her family are moving out here! You must be so pleased! Yes lamagistere is one of our neighbouring villages, we are on the other side of Donzac in Caudecoste/Layrac direction... It would be lovely to meet your daughter and her children if she is interested as i have had a few replies it would also be good for her to meet other english out here! Also if there is anything I can do to help, ie with French language then I am fluent in French (as I suppose you are too) but it would be my pleasure to help out!

I will mail you with my phone number.

Thanks for getting in touch, and good luck with the big move!

Hi Kathrin - my family and I will soon (in July) be moving to a village near Valence & would like to get know people in the area. If you want to get in touch, add me as a friend on here & I’ll message you my email address.

HI Hope,

We also live in 82, in a village near Moissac, but my children are already 9 and 11. Where exactly are you located? If you would just like a chat - I'm also in for that while my kids are at school! x

Hi Hope, I think we are not too far away. Sue and I are Grandparents but our daughter, son in law, Kayla ( just 2) and baby Kenzi (7 months) are moving out to live with us early July. We are in UK at present preparing for the big move but we are over in France April 20 - May 5 to get the french house ready also. We live in Lamagistere, just 15k from Agen. If you contact me direct on and leave your adress and phone number, we'll contact you when we are all there.

Colin Granville

where in 85 are you going to be, i am in nantes(44) got 6 y/o daughter and soon to be joined by another(girl/boy)

yeah it is lot et garonne.. we live in a little village so apart from when i walk upto the doctors i don't see anyone haha.
Do you live in lectoure then??
I'd love to pass my test soon, but my parents live an hour away, my fiancés parents both work so have no one to look after sarah while i do my test so that is proving to be a pain now too.. after wedding will def pull my finger out my behind and get onto it!!!
Well if ever you and your friend would like to pop up for a coffee your more than welcome :) x

I can't drive either - it's hopeless isn't it! (But I'm a lot older than you, so I've no excuse.) I know exactly how you feel. However much we love our darling little one(s), spending all day alone at home with small children can feel very boring and lonely.I'm going back to reinscrire at the driving school in Lectoure again and try a bit harder this time. Anyway, if you're 15 minutes from Lectoure that sounds hopeful. (47 is Lot-et-Garonne isn't it , not Gers, so it's definitely the right patch). I will ask my friend up the road (whose youngest has just had her first birthday) about the toddler group contacts - I don't know if there's an overall organizer or anything - and get back to you.


hi anna,

Gers is 32 i think, we are not far from lectoure about 15 min drive if i remember correctly.. but unfortunately i don't have a drivers licence so can't drive to anywhere.. thats why i'm trying to find people that could come to mine for coffee etc...

Hope x

Hi Jen,

We're on the borders of the Creuse and Haute-Vienne in St Moreil - about 20 minutes south of Bourganeuf and 45 minutes out of Limoges...Brive is a good 2 hours away unfortunately :-(

There's a playgroup in Eymoutiers we go to every fortnight but it's hit and miss as to whether there are actually any other kids there!!

Thanks for the message x

Hallo Hope

Whereabouts in 82 are you? I'm at the Gers border end (is that 47?), and I know there was/is I'm sure still a toddlers group with some really nice people in it. My daughter is 11 now and was 7 when we came over, so I was never really part of it, but I know some of the people that were. Are you anywhere near St Clar, St Nicolas or Lectoure?

Anna xx

thanks lyndsay, we have struck lucky and if no gatherings before may it will be picnic at my house with some mums and kiddies... yet to find out who they are, but can't wait! if my daughter could understand me i'm sure she'd be excited too haha !

good luck with the move and baby n°2 x