Young people finding work in rural France

I have been living in France for about three years now, but am yet to find solid work. I have managed to get odd jobs here and there, with looking after dogs and the occasional babysitting gig, but nothing to provide me with a proper 'income' as such.

Last year I managed to save up enough money to pay for an online A-level, but I didn't anticipate how many added costs where to be added onto the already high price. Flights back to England, Exam charges, Marking and the costs of the reading material, is a lot more costly than any 19 year old female can afford without a Job.

It seems to me that males have a much higher opportunity for work than females, due to the amount of renovation projects, people seem to do in Limousin. Unfortunately for me, these jobs are impossible, anyone would hire a man over a woman. My French is not perfect, so my work seems to be limited to animal, child and house care, much like the majority of young people in the same sticky situation as me.

I would like to be able to go to university in two years, but the job situation is making me doubt whether or not I will succeed.

I have been to the French job centre, but once they noticed how bad my French was they seemed to lose interest, not even letting my friend help by translating and getting frustrated when I didn't understand what they were saying.

I'm beginning to realize the truth of being an adult and it isn't all candy and lollipops like I once thought it would be.

I'm 41 and know the feeling.