Your most positive experiences please

What are the most positive things you can tell us about your life in France?

The wonderful welcome and the friends we have made here .

The fantastic view when I open the curtains each morning.

Winter drawers on...

Here in the Pyrenees we have snow - about 60 cm on the slopes at La Mongie and more coming this week, before, unfortunately it gets warm again. The resort opened on Saturday. We planned to go today but it turned foul so we haven't bothered.

bl***y freezing here mate :)

Blast ! spoke to soon....

Now gone very overcast, rain on the horizon.

Me and my big mouth !

I totally agree. I had a pile of things come at the same time though, so what is the answer in such cases? Even 20 years ago I would not be here now. I could have another 20 or so years, so how many resources am I using up? We could all go to jump off a cliff (lemming style even) but that is selfish. The only real way is along the lines you suggest but also for those with health problems, teach them how not to become a greater burden in the package. As you say, it would save the health service money but it would also take some of the burden off them to give to those who really need/deserve it.

It's a bottomless well and the return to society is ever-diminishing. At the age of 77, I have just had an expensive operation that could give me another 10 or 15 years as a non-productive social parasite. Forty years ago, anyone over 60 would have been written off as a lost cause.
As I see it, the only answer is to educate people to take responsibility for their own long-term health, by making sensible lifestyle choices. The health service would cost a lot less if it didn't have to deal with so many people suffering from avoidable illnesses.

Yep ; at least it's cold enough for the snow cannons to belch out the minimum necessary artificial stuff, but a long straight line in the middle of naked fields and trees isn't the same as a thick "couche de poudreuse".... all my hedge trees and fruit bushes are starting to bud ! If it carries on there'll be a massacre with heavy frost.

Keep nice and warm with the new heater we put in before last winter, with 30% fuel economy too !

OUCH ! That's serious for your area methinks ?

Keep warm mate !

Sunny here too, Peter, but : cooooooooold ! And one week to the ski resorts filling up - and still no snow !

Love the exceptional weather too - it's boootiful in the Limousin today !

Seriously thinking about having a barbie !


Apéro time! :) The weather, the space, the food, the wine ..... and although it took some time to get used to it, the shops being closed on Sundays! In the UK the whole week was too busy with no down time. Now we go to the park, the forest, days out etc. and actually have some family time.

Great story John and really glad you managed to get such great service. The vast differences in the French and UK systems are alarming at times !

The system is very good generally tho' the french have concerns that the reduction in funding is to the detrement of the Health Service.

The sheer kindness and generosity of neighbours.

Having been brought up with the NHS, I have always regarded it as an ideal system, though I was lucky enough not to need to make much use of it. But I now have to admit that the French system, where routine procedures get sub-contracted to private clinics and people are expected to pay a proportion of the cost of treatment for non-life-threatening problems, seems to work rather well.

I share your view. Having retired to France 3 years ago and obtained a carte vitale and mutuelle, I then found that I needed major open heart surgery in September. I had my surgery in Lyon and spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital. The care was exceptional. The food OK and the after care and re-education programme superb. It was only 4 weeks from final diagnosis to having my operation. Had I been in the UK I would still be awaiting and perhaps not be alive. I have nothing but praise for the French medical system and strong positive views.

"as an expat, the ability to be eccentric without arousing too much comment"

Ah yes, that is an extremely valuable attribute : "ô, fais pas cas de celui-là, ils sont tous pareils ces rosbifs"

Mike, I'm interested in knowing where you are from. I assume Ireland but there are Kearney's all over the world. I'm the son of an Irishman from Newport, County Mayo and my mother was Scottish from Glasgow. I was born in the US and haven't yet gone to Ireland although I've travelled to many countries for work. I had an uncle named Mike Kearney and my middle name is Michael after Uncle Mike. I sent a friend' request so we can communcate via messages.