Your perfect night in?


When asked to list the most important factors in creating their ‘Top Night in’ for a recent survey, most people’s number one desire was to get home by 5pm. I can relate to this but some of the others were quite bizarre. According to a recent survey, the top five factors also included curtains being drawn, a tidy house, the washing up being done and put away and being in their pyjamas by 6.30 pm! Not very rock and roll. They include:

  1. Getting home by 5pm
  2. Curtains drawn
  3. A tidy house
  4. Dinner dishes washed up and put away
  5. PJs of comfy clothes put on by 6:30pm
  6. A Chinese take away
  7. Ice cold beer (men) Large glass of red wine (women)
  8. Two episodes of your favourite Netflix drama
  9. Your other half with you
  10. £32 spend on food and drinks
  11. Scented candles lit
  12. 30 mins on Facebook
  13. 13 mins scrolling through Instagram
  14. 10 minute chat with mum
  15. Central heating on
  16. Locking all the doors and windows

Mine would include a large G&T, some excellent food and a roaring fire. And not being woken by the barking dogs down the road at around 3am. How about you?

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A feeling of security …with an announcement to the world that the notion of Brexit
has been abandoned…and long live a United Europe.
Every thing else I can handle nicely…so yes lets light the fire and make the perfect
French onion soup.