Your photos - beautiful or interesting skies

(Bill Morgan) #61

Seen a lot ‘at sea’ Simon, can be spectacular, one phenomenon, at sunset, ‘The Green Flash’, amazing!

(Mandy Davies) #62

Amazing sky last night.

(Bill Morgan) #63

Similar to ones I didn’t want to see when sailing Mandy, looked like a ‘bruise’, not a good omen, hope it ‘panned out’ ok for you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #64

It was so beautiful Bill. Today has been glorious.

(Bill Morgan) #65

:+1: Thats good, been lovely here too, though, bit of a cool breeze, hope it warms up for tomorrow, big family, birthday barby :crossed_fingers:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #66

(Mat Davies) #68

This was this evening in the UK (next weekend it can be view from garden in France!)

(Elisabeth Morgan) #69

Looking forward to something a bit different now !

(Bill Morgan) #70

Same same innit tonight.
Time we ad a good Stormy Sky,
or not

(stella wood) #71

I saw skies like this, last night… 24th June… blood red clouds/streaks all across the sky from the west… fabulous… and I thought of “shepherd’s delight” and wondered what that meant… :thinking::thinking:

(Mark Robbins) #72

It’s not going to rain straight away🌦. Red sky is caused by sunlight retracting off dust particles high in the atmosphere, moisture condenses around the dust to make rain.

(Ann Coe) #73

Ahhh, and there was me also thinking it was a ‘shepherds delight’, come on Mark leave us romantic souls a bit of wonder :wink:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #74

(Stuart Wilson) #75

The nuclear tests to the south of us made for interesting skies the other day!

(Paul Flinders) #76

Well, it’s in the sky, isn’t it?


I have never yet taken what I consider to be a good photo of the moon, lack of enough mm on focal length is probably the fundamental issue (this taken on a EOS 550D with a EFS 18-200mm zoom at 200mm, 3200 ISO 1/640 and F13; possibly not the best lens for the shot and it mighht be improved by lowering the ISO and opening the lens a bit as there is a lot of noise).

It is recognisable, anyway and - as I plan on making it my last post for a while a suitable (temporary) swansong.

(Guy Marshall) #77

Try this:


(Mandy Davies) #78

I hope everything is OK Paul. I will miss your posts. Please come back soon.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #79

(Mandy Davies) #80

Oh lovely. Cotton wool clouds.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #81