Your photos - beautiful or interesting skies

(Helen Wright) #142

Yep…here be dragons…I can see it clear as day…beautiful…I love Dragons…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #143

Lots of them were noted on old Nautical Charts, denoting, areas to be avoided, or just that, nobody ‘knowed’ anything about, ‘That particular bit of the Oggin’. :roll_eyes:

(Peter Goble) #144

Oggin’s a new one on me, Bill. Had to search for it in a particular part of the mighty Googlin. :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #145

What was the definitian Pete? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Peter Goble) #146

There was quite a few bobbin about in the oggin when i looked over the gunwale, Bill :grinning:

It’s that bit of the briny that’s the subject of conversation on deck, as in “i gave the bosun a can of beer and the silly bugger dropped it in the oggin”

Might that be getting warm? :thinking::whale::whale2::dolphin::shark:

(Bill Morgan) #147

Careless boozer, Bobbin about’s no excuse for droppin’ a perfecly good beer Pete, yes, I recon Youz pretty warm :grin:

(Helen Wright) #148

The stress a ship’s hull or keel experiences that causes the centre or the keel to bend upwards…??? x :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #149

I reckon wot you’re describin’ is a woggin in the 'oggin wot’s doggin the boggin, not worth the cap’n loggin, or for you to be foggin your noggin about.

(Bill Morgan) #150


(Helen Wright) #151

Or…alternatively…here be Dragons…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #152

Exactly, I didn’t see that before I went there Helen, Blimey :thinking:

(Bill Morgan) #153


(Peter Juselius) #154

Dragons, bah! :wink: look at this, click on it to enlarge.

(Ann Coe) #155

Beautiful, I am always confounded by how ancient cartographers compiled their maps.
Works of art and in some cases so very precise !
Truly works of art and of great intelligence :astonished:

(Bill Morgan) #156

My God, if I’d seen that before, I would never have set foot on a boat Peter :open_mouth:

(Bill Morgan) #157

Absolutely amazing Ann!

(Peter Goble) #158

Un petit homme vert ecrit:

Bonsoir terrestrienne !

Il’y avaient des petits hommes verts très intelligents venus dans leur soucoupes volantes de l’autre côté de l’universe, afin d’apprendre la cartographie a vos ancêtres, qui l’ignoraient, et restent, en tant que gens, assez médiocre.

Ces derniers ont tous oubliés car leurs petits visiteurs nos frères les ont faire boire un elixir d’oublie.

Adieu ! Nous sommes venus en paix afin de vous apportiez ce message de rensignements fraternels ! :nauseated_face::space_invader:

(Ann Coe) #159

C’est une dommage que les petits hommes verts n’aient pas transmis un peu plus de connaissances à ma partie humaine. J’ai du mal à indiquer comment trouver ma maison! :rofl:

(Peter Goble) #160


Regardez le ciel nocturne, chere terrestrienne, nous ne sommes jamais loins, et nous avons entendu votre appel ! P-H-V

(Ann Coe) #161

Da- da- da- dah !
Is this going to be a Close Encounter Peter ?
Bonjour, bonjour, y a-t-il quelqu’un là-bas? :eye::eye::raised_hands::raised_hands: