Your photos - watery scenes

(Helen Wright) #21

The lake at Paimpont…”the magic forest”…the realm of King Arthur…??? Morbihan Brittany… x :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #22

Oh yes Stella loads …mainly Carpe d’amour mixed in with some Shubunkins that I had to put in there as I had a leak in the liner of my decorative pond at the front. Somehow they seem to have ‘interbred’ and I have some lovely coloured fish. Some of the carp are huge ! :fish::blowfish::tropical_fish::fish::blowfish::tropical_fish:

(Ann Coe) #23

Shubunkin in the 'etang with the Carp and my decorative pond with the Shubunkin before the leak !

(Dave Sheriton) #24

Taken at Collioure during our trip to Banyul-sur-Mer and locale last Autumn. You can tell from the weather it hasn’t been any time so far this year!

(stella wood) #25

Mmm… I’ve seen blue sky before… somewhere…:thinking:

(Ann Coe) #26

Lovely place Dave, I have some happy memories from there :slight_smile:

(Dominic Best) #27

(Dan Wood) #29

(Ann Coe) #30

Not France, but a reminder to myself on this dreary day (again) that there are blue skies and white beaches around in abundance !! :hugs: Forgot to say that it’s Palawan in the Philippines and it’s one of my photos, very lucky to have visited a little part of this lovely country.

(anon54681821) #31

Moraine Lake near alberta canada so beautiful and its part of the Banff National Park

Valley of the Ten peaks

(anon54681821) #32

Dream home

My mum loves this place

(Dominic Best) #33

A couple of photos I took at Lake Louise when I spent a couple of nights in Banff.

(Paul Flinders) #34


Very nice - Pen Lann?

(anon54681821) #35


(Mandy Davies) #36

Lovely photo. Have actually been there once about 8 years ago. Thanks Dave, brought back a lovely memory.

(Mandy Davies) #37

Where were your photos taken Dominic? Lovely scenes.

(Mandy Davies) #38

Lovely Harry. I’ve been there a few times. Used to spend holidays in Scotland. Knew some people that lived at Lochcarron.

(Sandra Shadrach) #39

Aiges-Mortes, March 2018

(Terry Williams) #40

We’ve had a bit of rain…

(Ann Coe) #41

It’s amazing to see all the gullys filling up and overflowing. Our’ short cut’ on a route we sometimes use has now been closed. The ford is under a few feet of rushing brown water ! Oh and it’s still raining here :sob: