Your photos - watery scenes

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We’re about 60 km inland from the bay, cat, Sourdeval 50150 aux Vals de la Sée, very pretty with steep wooded valleys and many fast-running streams. Best salmon and sea trout fishing in France, many say.

Climate is mild but wet, terrain very agricultural especially dairy, beef and fruit. Old-fashioned values and folk very hospitable and acceuillant.

Local delicacy andouilles de Viré (tripe sausage) and tripes à la mode de Caen. Boissons cidre, poirier and Calvados.

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We were there last summer, Catharine’s parents have a house in Genets :slight_smile: :bike:

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How about that! Your pic shows the Mont as a tiny spike on the horizon! It truly is a magical place, especially approached on foot from the hinterland, but I would be be nervous wading across the mud… And the passerelle is patrolled by dive-bombing gulls who search one’s trouser pockets for possible chip fragments… :scream::face_with_head_bandage:

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Great photo James. Unusual view of the Mont.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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We didn’t mind the rain either, it was a wonderful experience to see the huge skies over the bay, and to have the rain and wind at our backs. Such experiences are unforgettable, multisensory and all-embracing in a way that photographs don’t fully capture, although some photos capture a unique quality, in the hands of some people (not me).

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Yes we know it well! X

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Really nice photo James, unusual aspect :+1:

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Btw, that is Fishing on the Villaine below Redon :slightly_smiling_face:

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On the Adour near Peyrehorade

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Looking towards San Sebastian from Biarritz

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Côte basque Biarritz - this is the original surf spot in Europe

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Capbreton pier

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Le barrage de Vouglans

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Photo prise du lac du Bourget

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Photo prise du lac du Bourget

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Giverny - Monet garden

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Paul, your photo is of Morbihan and similar to the one by Ann Coe.