Your photos - watery scenes

(stella wood) #84

Thanks @Ken_Barker for the glorious photos…:relaxed:

(Ken Barker) #85

You’re welcome Stella thank you for your message

(David Martin) #86

Nice outside this evening.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #87

This is a Monet painting
This is the real site, in Belle Ile en Mer

(Bill Morgan) #88

Which bridge is that Dave, Ré ?

(Bill Morgan) #89

Monet, dun quite a nice pic too :slightly_smiling_face:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #90

With a bit more depth

(Mandy Davies) #91

Superb Babeth. Welcome back from your lovely holiday x

(Bill Morgan) #92

Lovely walk today at Pen Lan!
AA Milne, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, sometimes I just sits”. :thinking:

(Peter Juselius) #93

Clouds mirroring in a lake. South Finland

(Peter Juselius) #94

Brooklyn, NY.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #95

(Elisabeth Morgan) #96

(Bill Morgan) #97

Looks more like a painting than a photo’ :slightly_smiling_face:

(Peter Juselius) #98

(Peter Juselius) #99

Not really watery but beach(ery ?) scenes :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ann Coe) #100

Well this was certainly watery, and very scary too. A hike in the mountains and a very powerful waterfall to cross with a steep drop at the side … :scream::scream:

(Peter Juselius) #101

Happy Dog.

(Helen Wright) #102

Is that your dog Peter…??? x :slight_smile:

(Peter Juselius) #103

No, the dog run for 30 minutes or so, passing people very closely. I swear I saw it smile a lot. :innocent: Happiest dog I’ve seen, it run so far you could barely see it before it came back in full speed. The dog made everybody happy. I wish I had a video.