Your Top 3 - Departmental Dishes

I thought it might be fun (!) for us to identify our top 3, most common (normally seen on average local menus) departmental (not regional - they are just far too big!) dishes.

So here we go for the Ariège 09 in Occitanie (Pyrénées-Méditerrané):

  1. Confit / Manchons / Gésiers / Magret de Canard etc + frites (anything duck with chips)

  2. Pièce de Boucher + frites (unspecified lump of meat with chips)

  3. Poulet Fermier + frites (emaciated chicken with chips)

(Note: vegetables not popular down here!!)

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My 3 dishes.
Always found in and around maubouguet
Garbure ( round here it is basic cabbage soup but does vary regionally
Confit Chicken et frits chicken leg cooked in duck fat with chips
Foie de veau calves liver usually with mashed potatoes and onion gravy

  1. Estofinado - Decazeville area of the Aveyron (12)
    2 Socca - Nice
  2. Tapas/pintxos in the pays basque

mother-in-law’s home grown chicken and duck cooked with olives is always a winner too (aveyron)


Hi Andrew - I really meant the 3 most common dishes in the department you live in but hey - your version works too! :slight_smile:

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Well there’s always one :slight_smile: I thought so, but aligot saussice just doesn’t do it for me and I think everyone across the SW is going to go on about canard in all its forms so I’ll leave that for them. I could add échaudés, other half and kids would add gâteau à la broche, pascadous and others, yes I’m in the Tarn now but their racines aveyronnaises are strong and we’re only just across the border!
bon appétit :wink:


Charolais steak frites
Boeuf bourginon
Anything else with beef
We also have a modern twist on fish and chips thanks to a new local restaurant , the Auberge de Donzy run by Brits.


Riz de veau/d’agneau
Tête de veau

None of which will I eat. At lunch with a friend he once told me happily, as he tucked into his tête de veau: “look I got the nose”. They even served me riz d’agneau in hospital. Thankfully there’s always saucisse-aligot, steack-frites to fall back on. And a lot of really good restaurants nearby with wonderfully adventurous menus.


In la Creuse

  1. Pâte aux pomme de terre
  2. Pâte aux pomme de terre
  3. Pâte aux pomme de terre
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eating that tonight… local variation with sausage meat etc…:yum:

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Sounds good - is it a bit like a Cornish Pasty?

Sort of, but without the taste (or the meat) ( or vegetables) (except potatoes):joy:

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It’s a pasty and they (should) contain a lot more than potato.

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Local variety, sold by our Baker: Deep, square, flaky-pastry pie containing; sliced potatoes, sausagemeat with garlic & herbs, seasonings…

I pour a little white wine through a hole in the top/middle… let it soak in for about 15 mins… then reheat the “pie” on a tray in a really hot oven for about 15/20 mins. Served with “haricot plat” and a little home-made gravy… important: glass of red wine… heavenly… :innocent:

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David… when we have been further afield… PP de terre is just that… potato pie… delicious even so… :wink:

This is the creuse, we only have potatoes!

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I was correcting Simon’s spelling and I see he has put it right. Cornwall might be famous for pixies and pasties but their singular forms are pixie and pasty. I like the sound of your local version.

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It really is delicious… but tonight I needed a second glass of wine, as I had to toll the bell for tomorrow’s funeral…of a dear friend and neighbour… the whole commune is in mourning :pensive:

Adore most things…so difficult …

Today’s Favourites:

  1. Onglet de bœuf (19) … meticulously prepared, then 1 minute either side… :heart_eyes:
  2. Estouffade de haricots aux couennes… keeps vampires at bay. :imp:
  3. Any venison or sanglier…or jugged hare… :joy:

the list could go on…and on…

This link is useful to understand French Butchery:

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Crikey @Stella - are those the top 3 dishes in your department - or just your own culinary list of favourtites? Which department are you referring to?

Stella, I love hare. Also real wild rabbit, not the tasteless expensive stuff that passes for rabbit here.