Your Valentine's gift problems sorted - here!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I bring you....drum roll....the perfect Valentine's day gift for your beloved other. Or your mum. Or your daughter. Or yourself come to that. This is truly such a brilliant "must have" item that you absolutely have to read to the end of this post!

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas; Santa brought me some fabulous presents and one of the very best was my new KINDLE.

I'm a bit of a Luddite, in fact I can barely operate the toaster (the all singing and dancing new TV has completely defeated me), so I have to admit, when I opened the box, my heart sank. I'm really not into gadgets as presents and would much rather have had some perfume. Or so I thought....

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Within 24 hours I'd fallen in love with my Kindle and I'm now busy telling everyone just how great it is. I love the fact that it is exactly the right size to cart around and read on the go. Being that bit larger than my phone makes reading enjoyable rather than a 'make do' type of experience. The battery life is amazing. I've got the basic model, chosen for that precise reason, and the battery lasted 25 days from an initial charge on Christmas Day, with me reading every day.

I love the fact that books are instantly available and a lot cheaper than the paper versions. Yes, physical books are lovely and the Kindle isn't a replacement for that, but when you live abroad, being able to buy books at a reasonable price is always an issue and the Kindle solves this.

There are two other major pluses as far as I'm concerned. One is that as I read incredibly quickly, on a long journey I invariably run out of reading matter if it is printed, or battery charge if I'm reading on my phone. When I went to Australia last year I carted six novels onto the plane in my handbag and had finished four before we landed at Dubai.The Kindle solves this problem perfectly. I can load it with books and know that I'm not going to run out.

The other big advantage is the sheer volume of free books. I'm currently re-reading Sons and Lovers. I know I have a copy somewhere but being able to access it immediately and without having to put my hand in my pocket to buy a second copy has provided the trigger to re-read all kinds of stuff.

So trust me, the Kindle will make the perfect Valentine's gift for your OH. And you could always pre-load it with a volume or two of romantic poetry to make it extra special!

Nothing at all to do with me being a grumpy old git but I tried a Kindle (loan from a friend who swears by it) but couldn''t get on with it. It just didn't feel 'natural'. Te concept is brill and the technology mind-boggling but it just didn't seem 'right' somehow. I'm not alone in my opinion as many friends & family members of all ages share my view. Good luck to all of you who are able to embrace this gadget but it doesn't do anything for me.

My daughter has a Kindle Fire. As it stands it will take some man to step and take over that romance.

I have a kindle keyboard from when they first came out and it is permanently in my handbag. Absolutely love it but waiting for it to die so I can buy a new ie updated one.

I have a Kindle Fire and while the concept of having all your books in one place and the concept of having an electronic reader is just the best thing since sliced baguettes, I'm going to move onto the Kindle voyager. The reason is that the Kindle Fire, whilst being a reader, is also a tablet. I get distracted and end up doing other stuff than reading books.

A friend has a kindle fire , I may have to convert to one after hearing such good comments, all sounds good to me and worth exploring.

Catherine I agree with you , my daughter bought me one for Christmas 2 years ago , one of the best presents ever , I will take it when going on holiday this year plus when I visit the family in the UK, just love it, although I still read a book when snuggled down by the woodburner.