Zen - Clear your mind and do me a favour


I'm working on our search engine rankings at the moment, to do that I need to come up with some search terms that are commonly used to find us. That's where you come in. Many of you will have found us by searching in Google, it's what you typed that I'm interested in. So if you could please follow the instructions below and let me know your answers in the comments.

(Don't read the comments until after you've played! I don't want any outside influences skewing the results)



1. Clear your mind, forget you've ever heard of SFN (Temporarily!)

2. Picture the Google search page

3. Imagine you need some help or advice on something France related

4. Tell me what you were going to type!

I don't care how daft it sounds and I don't want you to think too long about it, play as many times as you like please!


Hi James, I normally go in via your email to me, but otherwise I would use Yahoo and type' French forums'

Help in France - Living in France - Setting up a small business in France

English-speaking audiences wanted.

British ExPats in France!

Translation wanted - Help with French documents - Weather in France - Where to live in France - French bureaucracy - Red tape in France - I love France - Living with the French - French shops - French bargains - Help in France - Working in France - Buying in France -

Thank you Brian.lol

Paula, got one of those, but if you like 'Ello, 'Ello variety!

English speaking hairdressers in France

I just typed in France Forum.

Some really useful stuff here, please keep them coming! Thanks


I know it probably shouldn't make a difference but if I use the fr site and try to frame my enquiry in my inadequate French I get better results

setting up as autoentrepreneur, CPAM in France, expats in France, advice for living in France, taxes in France, buying houses in France, finding jobs in France...

English network in France/Languedoc/Herault/Lodeve

Self Help groups in France....ditto

Suzanne and James, you're more than welcome!

find friends in france

information on moving to france

help with moving to france

french tax system

tagging i use the "Who, What, Where, When and Why" format also "Forum" and "Q and A" also depends on Browsers for what search is returned and the settings they are on. i use https://startpage.com/ as this reduces "negative" or "spurious" returns plus https://abine.com/dntdetail.php as an add-on, this will give the best results

Thanks Kathy!

Sounds good Suz

thanks Kathy - so James perhaps you could use that to promote SFN - lightly censored, Honest Advice.