Zone Bébé Newsletter - Break a leg (not!)

School holidays are nearly upon us, well if you live in Zone B of France’s school holiday plan.

Most families will use the opportunity to go skiing, while the snow is good.

In order to prepare for wonderful days out in the crisp and sunny air, do not forget that sun, wind and cold take their toll on our skin, but mainly on our children’s skin. Baby’s skin is very fragile and many times thinner than adult skin, only from about 2 years of age, does the skin change and it slowly builds its own protection mechanism.

So we have to give a helping hand, without overdoing it. Using a richer cream for the very small and a slightly lighter one for older children to support the skin’s function without taking it over.

There are several creams by Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik at Zone Bébé doing exactly that: a rich Winter Balm, a lighter Rose Balm doubling up as Lip Balm and a light and soothing Calendula cream – perfect for all ages.

With a bit of luck, your holidays will also be drenched in beautiful sunlight, letting the snow sparkle under your feet. Please do not underestimate the early sunrays, their reflection on the snow and coupling that with the high altitude and the thin air – these first rays are strong enough to cause sunburn.

Remember that especially organic sun protection cream using mineral sun protection does not keep longer than 6 months once opened. Should you have run out of sun cream, there is a wonderful brand at Zone Bébé, UVbio protecting your skin with a SPF of 20 or 40, with mineral sun filters, shea butter and macadamia oil. SPF 40 does not contain any alcohol, perfect for baby’s skin.

And just before setting off into the winter wonderland, don’t forget a good lip balm. The skin on our lips is very thin; it does not have sweat or sebum glands, and produces only minimal melanin for sun protection. Have a look at the selection at Zone Bébé.

You can find all of the above items in the Baby Winter section:

Have a wonderful holiday and come back home safely.

And before I forget, the essential care promotion on the Organic Avocado Replenishing cream, buy one, get an organic Lip Silk for free, plus 10% off all shower gels is still on for this week. So why not profit from it?

Have a good week.

Claudia/Zone Bébé

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