Zone Bébé Newsletter - Do you know your washing symbols?

Next week, Zone Bébé will take delivery of a small selection of Bobux summer styles.
Bobux shoes are soft non-slip suede leather soled and first shoes with split and fully flexible rubber soles. They are the only company featuring Eco-Leather™.

Criteria for Ecological leather:

• Chrome(VI) free leather.

• No Azo dyes - banned under EU directive 2002/61EC.

• No presence of heavy metals (Tested to DIN EN ISO 105-E04)

• All tanning agents and dye colors are water based

Here are two more models that will be in stock:

As well, we will take delivery of a small selection of Bolas.

The Mexican bola or pregnancy chime is a pretty and original necklace for pregnant women. Inside the bola, a tiny sort of xylophone is welded, on which a little ball ‘dances’ around. Human hearing develops during the last three months of pregnancy and a baby can hear and recognise sounds in the womb. By wearing the ball regularly, low on the belly, the baby will grow familiar with the chiming sound of the bell. The baby will experience the special sound as soothing, both before and after birth.

How to care for your clothes
Have you ever been in the situation when the wash cycle is finished, the lovely woollen blanket comes out looking like a dish rag?  Here is a nifty little list courtesy of Textile Industry Affairs, that explains the possible washing symbols and what they mean. (Click on the logo for the hyperlink.) The nice thing is, it is for both English and American use...

Fairtrade Fortnight 2 more days...

Until the 13th March 2011 it is still the Fairtrade Foundation's annual awareness raising campaign to promote the difference that Fairtrade makes to millions of people in developing countries.

The ranges of sense organics and Piccalilly are Fairtrade certified and 100% super soft GOTS certified organic cotton, perfect for baby. Have a look at the fab range. (Click on the logo for the hyperlink.)

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight Zone Bébé is offering an essential care organic soothing salve nappy balm for free (worth 7.00€) with every order over 60€. Just until Sunday evening… (Click on the logo for the hyperlink.)

Have a wonderful week, maybe spring will arrive after all…

Claudia/Zone Bébé

Le bio for bébés et mamans

Hi Catharine,
thanks for your comment. When my daughter was small, you couldn’t get these shoes off her, she loved them, as they are completely flexible and allow for every movement of the foot. As close as going bare foot as possible. You say, well worth the money.I used to think that they are expensive, until I bought “ordinary” shoes since Bobux stop at about size 24. Now for a good quality shoe you pay easily 50 to 100% more in a shoe shop than for the Bobux.
Have a great day.
Claudia/Zone Bébé

Bobux are utterly brilliant. I had a pair for Max and they survived all manner of abuse, were washed numerous times and were then passed on. Twice. Well worth the money!