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Last week, the newsletter contained our findings on using an electric versus a manual toothbrush. We were reporting about the fact, that many toothbrushes do not feature acceptable bristle quality. You may have wondered what that actually means. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Martin Jung, head of department of operative and preventive dentistry at the polyclinic Giessen, Germany, you can now see the difference. He kindly made these pictures available. They show toothbrush bristles 130 times magnified.

Here you see bristles that can damage gums:

And here an example of a toothbrush with acceptable, i.e. rounded bristles:

The relevant test on toothbrushes can be found and downloaded (in German) here, on the Ökotest website:

January 2007 - Children’s toothbrushes

April 2011 – Brushing training sets

Benefits of essential oils

In the current turmoil of earthquakes and tsunamis, we are all more or less worried about the effects radiation can have on us. According to the authorities, Europe is not in danger of being contaminated with radioactive particles to any damaging extend. Nonetheless a certain doubt remains…

Eliane Zimmermann is a German naturopath and book author about the safe use of essential oils in therapy and nursing with more than 20 years of experience. She has posted the following suggestion on her aromatherapy blog. And if you are interested, Zone Bébé can obtain these two oils.

In aromatherapy there are two oils which can be used as prevention and cure against radiation exposure, even of medical nature or through sunlight (gamma and UV rays): the essential oil made from branches of the Niaouli tree (Melaleuca viridiflora) and the sea buckthorn carrier oil (Hippophae rhamnoides), made from the berries of the sea buckthorn bush.

These two in combination with other essential oils with antioxidant properties (nearly all of them!) would constitute an ideal body oil to protect ourselves and our children at least a little bit from the looming invasion of radioactive particles.

Sea buckthorn oil can also be ingested (in Muesli, fruit salads, puddings or other desserts). Some people take a few drops during a few weeks before their summer holidays, and with that protect themselves better against UV rays.

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Next week

It’s the Easter holidays already. The weeks just fly! Don’t forget your sun cream should you go on holidays. By next week, Zone Bébé will have UVbio SPF 50 in stock.

And find a few tips and tricks how to care for holiday mishaps…

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