Zumba instructor


I want to become a Zumba instructor in France. I have been dancing most of my life and was thinking of taking a zumba instructors course in UK but just wondered if you need any sort of special licence etc in France to teach as it may be better for me to do a course here!

I don't know if your existing qualifications will be valid in France, often they are recognised only after you do the Fr equivalent. This is the website you need to read: http://emploi-danse.info/metiers/zumba-comment-devenir-instructeur/

THIS is the important sentence: Ils peuvent alors enseigner la Zumba, sous condition de disposer du diplôme dans les métiers de la forme. I have underlined the crucial bit. DE means Diplôme D'Etat.

This page should help: http://emploi-danse.info/diplomes/