Property & Home

This is the place to discuss anything relating to buying, selling and maintaining your property. Ask questions and get help on anything from termite reports to septic tanks to installing a pool to general running costs to interior decor!

Cars / Motoring / Insurance

Ask any questions relating to driving in France, importing and insuring vehicles or anything else with a motoring theme!

Banking & Financial

This category is for anything financial - loans, tax and double taxation, pensions, social charges, the dreaded capital gains and of course exchange rates and currency transfer recommendations.

Health Care & Carte Vitale

A place to ask anything health related - treatment options, insurance cover requirements and recommendations, vaccinations or having a baby!


News items

Small Talk

This is a place to chat about stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else, meet ups, chat, have a laugh, anything you like really. Have fun with it!

For Sale & Wanted

A place to advertise anything for sale or wanted. Be as descriptive as you can and make sure you add photos where possible! You can just drag the into window below or click the upload button. Best of luck!


The technology category is the place to ask to discuss anything 'techy' so ask away on anything and everything relating to internet speed, building a website, PC problems, mobile phone packages, TV licences, VPN's and social media. It's also the best place to ask for help if you're having issues with SF!


Are you a mum/dad/2be living in France and wondering how things work? Or are you a Franglais Kid yourself who is looking to share your experiences of growing up bi-lingual in France? If so then join in our discussions or start your own...


This is the right section to ask any questions about animals, big or small, wild or domestic, vets, farriers, feed suppliers, animals needing help or re-homing or just upload some nice photos of your four legged friends - we love seeing them!

Legal Advice

This group is geared towards helping people address legal and consumer issues on both sides of the channel. Come and share your tales of woe and triumph!

Moving to or from France

This section is geared towards people moving to / from France. Whichever way you are crossing the channel (or the big pond!), there are probably lots of things you'll want to know - so ask away!

Forum Support

If you have any questions or feedback about the Survive France community this is where to ask.

Insurance Services

This is where you will find details of Survive France Insurance Services Prodivers

Ask Anything

If you have a question or query, place it in this category and our awesome community will answer it for you!

Useful Info

Useful information on various administrative requirements


Category for Brexit related discussion

Speaking French

Come and share your tips for learning French or ask a question if you are getting stuck!