10 year carte de sejour - idiot's guide needed please

I thought that for those covered by a UK S1, ie it is the UK that picks up the bill for their healthcare in France, the EHIC/CEAM card is issued by the UK. I believe that is how it was before Brexit and it seems unlikely that France would issue them with CEAMs since France is not responsible for paying for those people’s healthcare either in France nor anywhere else.

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I have my S1 declared to Ameli, when I apply through my account on Ameli for a CEAM card I just get service indisposable. I have been trying for the last year to get a card. So I believe I must need to get the UK ehic card.

Aha! This is a most helpful conflab.

Sorry for my misstep 🫢

Not sure if this applies but do you have a VPN on when you access Amelie? I find the government websites do not like it, so I disconnect from Nord to use.

I use Nordvpn, but I only use it with netflix etc for UK TV and rugby league matchs. I have no problems with the website, I clear cookies regularly, so I beleive I am being bounced out due to my S1 status.

My wife, also on S1, was some years ago granted a CEAM card, but then later was refused one. No explanation given. This was well before , and therefore nothing to do with, Brexit.

I once tried to apply for CEAM and was firmly told by Ameli… that I don’t have the right to that card.

and, of course, it’s clearly stated in the Agreement re Brexit… that UK pensioners in France before the deadline, with S1… have the continued right to right to care in the UK…


yes if you have an S1 then you should apply to UK for EHIC and GHIC

Thanks for your valuable info, I have just found my old ehic card and its due to run-out in 2025, so I am covered for rest of europe if I get the urge to travel about.

If you have an S1 and are travellimg to UK (in contrast to another EU country) why do you need to have a EHIC when going there?

I suppose, because anybody who lives overseas is not automatically entitled to “free” NHS care. If you have to go into hospital and you are not a UK resident, I doubt whether the hospital has any way of verifying whether you have a valid S1. Even if you show them a copy of the form I doubt if they have a way of checking if it is still valid and and that you have correctly registered it in France. But showing your EHIC will prove that you are entitled to NHS treatment, that is what EHIC cards are for.
Of course I might be underestimating the NHS IT systems but I get the impression that they are not very joined up.

When we both applied, many years ago for a CEAM, we were asked where we were going and when. Refused because as UK citizens, we didn’t need one for UK. Wrong, and I rang the NHS to get confirmation of that. So I tried again but this time answered the question of destination, Eire. Granted, but then was told must re-apply within 2 weeks of travel, before was too early. So applied 2 weeks in advance. The cards arrived after we returned. :rofl:

I think they might be a bit more joined up now. :roll_eyes:

not for UK as the S1 covers you but for other places.

Seem to remember reading that S1 holders have to get a specific cars and not one issued to Brits who are travelling on hols etc

My EHIC card… replaces the pre-brexit one and I notice it’s got CRA on it which confirms I have Rights… :wink: :+1:
“Citizens’ Rights Agreement”
and I can use my card in all sorts of countries…
3 or 4 countries more than the travelling Brits, who only have the GHIC… if I’ve read it right… but I’ll check tomorrow