A cautionary tale

I would never take such work if it was real, since I am not an 'administrator' at all. However, a small group of women who wanted part-time, home-based work in Wales walked straight into something similar six or seven years ago. It was the big topic whilst collecting our small ones, several of the women stung being in our oldest's class.

It cost them something like £50 each, the people apparently giving the jobs got that, plus it looked like they manage to get some foreign currency circulated that otherwise would have been 'stuck' who knows where. Old, old scam. See anything like this on offer, don't.

I know. I see these things and have always wondered who on earth can possibly fall for them - now I know :-(

Unbelievable. Had she TOLD me about her wonderful new job got over the internet etc I would have told her not to touch it with a barge-pole but as she didn't tell me....

Hi Vero. Whilst I am sorry for your friend and her loss, this is one of the oldest scams on the go. Sadly, one or two people are still falling for it.