Across the Channel

Nice little restaurant there.

Yes, so I believe. Nice area with Libourne on the doorstep.

I was there last year on a works seminar, nice place and restaurants. Not sure if you know this that a lot of the cobblestone roads are made from British stone used as ballast when ships came over empty to then fill up with wine for the return trip.


Now that’s interesting, the kind of trivia which is worth retaining (I really need to get out more !)
My son usually goes into the office in Bx once per week so he bikes to St Emilion station .

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Deoends where you live in reference to housing. Both my daughters have houses ( with their partners) nrither had to put fown stupud deposits - nor are their repayments extortionate- but they both live in Lincolnshire. And families are more important than politics. I don’t know and don’t care how members of my family voted. I love them- that’s all that matters.