Advice needed - counselling in France

Is English your first language? Where did you do your degree? Is it a psychology degree? I’m asking all this because it is not like the UK here, as I said before.

I have had always dreamed of one day living in France I visited as a child with my grandparents we toured France ,I was very young but the memory of France as lived in for 40 years ,And now seems the right time to follow my dream before I get too old ,I’m not even sure where I will live I just need to get everything sorted to be able to work in France then find a forever home ,I know to begin with I would have to counsel English speaking but I hope one day to be fluent enough to speak and read French ,Thank you for replying x

You’re sensible to be doing your research now, so you can create a business plan and prove, when you apply for your visa, that you meet the income requirements.

You’ll probably need to think about the best area to find lots of anglophone clients: maybe the Dordogne?

So where do you live in England? What made you decide to go back to education? What was it like being a mature student?

I’m sorry to say that that was my first thought exactly. My son can, and does, work all over the world as an IT teacher but hurdles were too high to work in France, and things have got worse since Brexit, even lorry drivers I now hear cannot transfer seamlessly, not counting those based elsewhere and passing through .

A Scottish care assistant, a nurse in the UK, cannot work as a nurse here without further qualifications of some kind. As a result, for 16 years she has worked alongside others in a job for which there is no experience necessary.

I was lucky back in '99, I was working within a week of moving here permanently.
Best wishes with your much needed efforts though.

Forgot that there’s also DREETS….not sure why I landed on paramedic in Brittany, but hopefulky one can follow link to find counsellors

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Do you have only a British passport, or do you have any way of obtaining citizenship of another EU member state? It would help get around the visa requirement (although sadly it still wouldn’t help with getting your qualifications recognised). FoM would at least be one less thing to have to worry about.

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Narric is the recognised qualifications equivalence body in both uk and France. I can confirm because I have used it twice, once in uk for french qualifications and the other time in france for uk qualifications

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