Advice on import duty

Many thanks Mark - It would appear from that then that a permanent move of residence to France from the UK would exempt the vehicle from taxes, so long as it is recorded on the inventory of possessions:

### Special case (moving to mainland France) on the occasion of a transfer of normal residence

If you have been living outside the European Union, in an overseas department, an overseas local authority or in New Caledonia for more than a year, and if you are settling permanently in mainland France, your vehicle will be admitted free of duties and taxes as soon as the vehicle appears on the inventory of your goods drawn up in two copies and meets the following three conditions :

** it is not a utility vehicle ;*
** the vehicle is in your possession and you have used it for more than 6 months (this last condition is not required for residents from overseas departments) ;*
** the charges normally payable in the country of provenance or origin have been paid.*