Advice on internet please

That makes sense, consider 4g options.

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That is very sensible advice. I had wanted to try to arrange it for when we could get down but at the moment we don’t even really know when that is. I think I need to research a bit then hold fire.

Unfortunately, we aren’t planning to live in the house full time so are bound by Schengen since the total horror of bonkers brexit. (Apologies to any Leavers, though I doubt many here.) We have young grandchildren in the UK and, although I miss our little french village and way of life there so much, I can’t see us moving over properly or being able to persuade my OH come to that, although he has surprised himself by loving it too.

Yes. Forgot to say explicitly most smartphones can be used to connect a computer to the internet these days either tethered or as hotspot. Just check the network and deal you want to use will allow it.


Unfortunately my mobile signal isn’t strong enough to do much. I can just about make a quick interrupted call If I hang out of a window on the top floor…

Not always allowed if roaming. I was suggesting 4G Routers such as Bouygues 4G Box

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hmmm really hope your broadband connection is better then. Defo ask around the locals before you commit to anything.

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Apologies as i did read that you were thinking of a fixed line and this is not a fixed solution but “food for thought”.
We have a second home and decided that instead of the cost of an internet fixed line we would use a mobile box that works on 4g. It is tiny and can even run off a battery (+mains charger when needed). Perfect for the little lady to watch her films and us to work at the same time. Costs circa €39 for the box ( maybe a little for the sim card) and then only €3 euros for every day you use it. No usage no charges. You can check that 4g covers your house and if so … bingo. Works brilliantly for us + cuts out any roaming UK internet charges when driving in France as you can use the Wifi…
just an idea
link below

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Just to be clear Mat, is that a €24.99 one off payment and €3.99 thereafter? Having no phone service is actually a boon - I would say that 95% plus of our incoming calls are marketing robocalls, as often as not hanging up as soon as you answer - and this despite registering for these to be blocked.

Unfortunately we found Orange to be hopelessly unreliable and switched to Free, which uses Oranges infrastructure but we have had an average of an outage a year with Free where Orange was multiple times a month. Makes no sense to me but that is our experience.

For the OP, the roll-out of 5g is going ahead pretty quickly in France - certainly here in rural 17 I expect to get 5g long before we get fibre, if indeed we ever get it (it is only 10km away but I suspect that cellular or satellite internet will ruin the business case for extending fibre to rural communities).

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Not exactly - it is 24.99 per month plus 3 euros Livebox rental per month

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You are quite right. The “studies” I have seen give Orange first place. Here is the ranking that I’ve found from a study:
Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free - and in that order.

However, the official body that oversees the quality of Internet is called “ARCEP” - and here are the results of their last examination of Internet-usage in 2017! Which means that somebody - likely Orange - did not like the results so they complained! Anyway here is the site’s address.

The key criteria is reception - and it is Orange that apparently has the most antennas in place.

Still, the one study that I found best investigated “Internet Services” is here: “Echos du Net

It’s a long read but the services are well-reported in a simple comparable fashion - but, of course, in French …

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