Advice please … my mum, Free and fraud

Yep… it’s true… I’m barmy… she has steps already… wide but narrow, with (now) a handrail to the rhs against the wall, supplied by SS.
To enter the house you can go up the steps, by the left, by the right, or the centre and any combination of… but without even a footlength/width on which to place ones foot as one goes forward, well… most of us villagers reckon it’s an accident waiting to happen. A nice slope, left and right… with a rail across the middle-landing, to lean on and gaze out at the chickens and her veg patch… would be great we reckon, but she is adamant things stay as they are and we wouldn’t dream of upsetting her.

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Thank you this looks interesting. What are these ? Ombudsmen? Trustpilot type services? Sorry, my French fails me!

Hello all, again. Thank you for your very helpful and thoughtful responses. I’ll let you know how I get on. One last question. Fo you know if va there is an equivalent to the Charity Age Uk in France ? That might also help if so.
Thank you

If you use their online system to move your mother’s mobile to Sosh, they will cancel the contract with Free. I did exactly that one year ago. The changeover was seamless and I received no correspondence or further bills from Free. I have been very pleased with the service from Sosh.


I have SFR and thinking about changing later in the year when my contract expires - I took a quick look at Sosh and understood they use the Orange network, so assume their coverage is the same as Orange - or am I misunderstanding ??? :thinking:

IME sosh signal is worse than Orange by about 1 bar at the same location.

Syma, an Orange MVNO, is consisently 2 bars worse in same location.

This, regardless of device.
The effects may not be noticeable if you are in a very strong signal location.


Great - very good to know, so thanks, as want to try to optimize price/service next time around :+1:

yes, it’s the online only version of Orange


Sosh uses the Orange network, but doesn’t have dedicated shops or a phone help system - everything is online - thus charges less. I’ve actually found the support far better than Orange. As for signal strength, I’ve found them to be identical for 4G coverage.


we have a friend (yes, we do!) who opened a Sosh account for internet access and telephone at his apartment and was very pleased with the service he received. Never a problem with it.

I had this on my UK phone last year. Normal bill £10pm, suddenly had charge of £130, with 8 calls to Seychelles, USA, etc etc which I had not made. Contacted O2, they said I had made the calls, I said I had not.
They finally offered 50%, which I refused. Went to Ombudsman, also refused. Went to Small Claims Court, O2 offered 100% but only if I signed a confidentialty clause, which I refused, as I had already contacted BBC Moneybox, Martin Lewis & others. SCC appointed an Arbitrator, I was then given 100% plus court costs and no confidentiality clause!

Now your Mum is in France, and is a good age, so I think she might have a challenge going through the type of procedure above in France.

But I think you should persevere with the telephone company. What makes me cross is that somehow
they are making money from these fake calls, how do the scammers get cash out of the system? I’m told it is called a Wangiri fraud.

Combats et litiges - UFC-Que Choisir you can contact these people. This organisation is a consumer protection group. There should be a few offices around Paris. Most of the people working there are volunteers and some of them ex-lawyers and public servants. They probably will ask just to subscribe to their site for 15€ just in support. They helped us dealing with Conforama claim.