Age is only a number - young or old

(Peter Goble) #41

He always struck me as looking a bit liverish, but lots of older GPs had an affinity with the bottle.

(stella wood) #42

101 is a good innings

(Jane Williamson) #43

Klaus Barbie was known as the butcher of Lyon.
Here in Cluny my hairdresser is on the rue 4eme Battaillon du Choc.
It was the name given the the battalion formed after the D Day landings from the Free French Army and the local Resistance.
We have a memorial for all the Jewish people who were sent to the camps.

(Bill Morgan) #44

What eventually happened to Barbie Jane? I met a chap in Bordeaux in '90ish, I think he was an ex diplomat, pretty ‘clued up’ anyway.
He said, "The Barbie ‘thing’ will disappear, too many high ranking politicians ‘contaminated’, as far as I know, he was right!

(stella wood) #45

Mary Berry… a secret drummer… at 83… :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #46

Be interested if you know the outcome of the ‘Barbie’ saga Jane

(Jane Williamson) #47

According to Wikipedia, the Americans helped him escape to Bolivia, he was then extradited to France, tried and imprisoned and he then died of cancer (leukaemia).

(Bill Morgan) #48

Thanks Jane, I think there was, some ‘odd’ political involvement, at the time :wink:

(Ann Coe) #49

If age is just a number, well two really in most people on SF’s case, then why can’t I swap my numbers around ?
Would love to be the age of my swapped numbers again :open_mouth::rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #50

Ha!! I wouldn’t. It would make me 94 :smile:

(Ann Coe) #51

Oups, well you are still a spring chicken Mandy ! :laughing: :hatched_chick::baby_chick:

(Bill Morgan) #52

Would make me a ‘toy boy’, instead of me, having, ‘a much younger woman’. :rofl:

(Ann Coe) #53

I had a toy boy once … his batteries kept running out ! (groan) :roll_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #54

Was that ‘Sparky, Sparky the Battery Boy’ Ann :rofl:

(stella wood) #55

(stella wood) #56

I know this guy is only 70… but he is still facing a big challenge… :relaxed:[query1]=57cd2206459a452f008b4594&queryId[query2]=57c95b34479a452f008b459d&page=4&pageId=57da5ce0459a4552008b4567

(stella wood) #57

Sad to feel so full of despair … at any age…

(Phillip Cox) #58

I occasionally hop over to the scotch myself

(stella wood) #59

Aretha Franklin seems to have been around forever… yet only 76… hope she comes through this…

One of my favourites…

(Mandy Davies) #60

This is so sad. She’s an incredible singer. This performance is mesmerising.

The blond woman is Carole King who wrote the song.