Amazon fire stick and no landline

That would be typical - an existing contract has to keep the same T&C.

Three came under fire for considering that people coming to the end of a 12 month contract and moving to a rolling 30-day notice period had moved to new T&C and would be subject to roaming charges.

Our contracts pre-date the switch so we should be OK - that said I got the usual text saying that roaming only applied to contracts started after (I think) June 2021 but my wife got one saying there would be a £1.76 per day roaming charge so I will be checking the bills when we get back and complaining if necessary.

That said my son’s move to iD Mobile seems to have gone OK so I’ll probably move the other two contracts. That said his No is originally from Three whereas ours were ported to Three from O2 which probably magnifies the risk of it not going smoothly when subsequently moved a second time.

With low data limits. I have just changed to Virgin mobile and their roam like home gives me 100% of the data to use abroad

Fair enough - but most of our data use is via Wi-Fi so although the cap when roaming on the £8 deal is just over 6G, even my son is unlikely to exceed his “fair use” allowance.

As ever it’s “what works for you”.

It’s not the sim card country of origin but the IP address of the local network connection in France that matters - you will need a VPN regardless when roaming outside the UK. And not all VPNs will beat the measures the BBC and others use to prevent just this sort of activity.

If you read back up the thread, this is simply not accurate and has been demonstrated to be so. I’ve used at least two UK networks while roaming and they both present to the world as being a UK connection. Admittedly some apps may use the phone’s location services too, but I haven’t found one yet.

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It’s possible that other networks would have a different outcome, Three behaves “as expected” but it would be useful to know if people on O2, Voda or EE have a similar or different result.

Sky Go must, it’s the only app that comes up saying you are in a European country on a UK SIM.
I’ve just found out it doesn’t allow screenshots either :laughing:

UPDATE - you don’t actually need a VPN when using a roaming UK sim card, it seems - sorry for any confusion!

I use a BT Mobile sim and this does not provide an alternative to a VPN when roaming. I’m talking about accessing sites like the BBC website and Services like BBC iPlayer, which have blocks in place to prevent people outside the UK accessing these services. Of course there are many UK-based websites and services that don’t have these blocks, but the ones I’m referring to use your local IP address to determine if you’re in the UK or not.

Your sim card does identify to the network its country of origin, wherever it is. My car has an Internet connection and it identifies as being Dutch! But that’s irrelevant; it’s your IP address, assigned where you are connected to the Internet, unless you use a VPN, that ultimately matters.

OK, what does the the IP location finder say about your location - make sure WiFi is turned OFF.

iPlayer works perfectly for me, in France, while roaming on a 3 SIM, so we’re talking about the same thing.

I’m not saying that every provider is the same, hence why I’m not making a sweeping statement that it works for everyone and nor should there be a sweeping statement that it always shows as being abroad.

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@Vitesse can help by visiting the link above with his phone, WiFi off, and letting us know the result.

Obviously connected via WiFi will pick up the geolocation from that - to my complete lack of surprise the phone is currently geo-located to France (in fact Baden, Morbihan - which is miles away!) but that’s because it’s on the house WiFi via Orange (chapeau to Orange though - it’s connecting using IPv6)

So using my old phone using android 10, SIM and dedicated UK IP, shows I am in the UK and sky go works, use my new phone with android 12 and the same shows I am in France and Sky Go comes up with the using in the EU message, it does not make any difference if location services are turned off or I change the GPS location through location spoofing, weird.

Same SIM in both phones?

What does the link above show (that should just go by IP address)

Is the APN the same on each phone?

Same SIM & APN and same IP address.
SIM, dedicated IP, Pure & Express VPN Sky Go works on everything on Android 11.
None work with Sky Go on Android 12 or 13, Sky Sports, i player, ITV X all work ok.

Sorry for the late reply. I hold my hands up - I was wrong. Two and a half years ago I did use a cheap UK PAYG sim for data when we arrived in France but we soon signed up to a Bouygues 4G box. So the VPN thing has been a necessity ever since. I don’t use BT Mobile for anything requiring a VPN so I guess I convinced myself that it wouldn’t work without a VPN. Apologies _ I will edit my previous comment.

No worries :slight_smile:

What are you doing? You realise this is the internet? The only acceptable action is to dig your heels in and maintain your position against all the evidence! :wink:


I had that with someone on Facebook who refused accept that the science behind heat pumps was valid (because he used to teach physics) :man_facepalming:

A little knowledge etc.

Presumably enough to know that 5kW of electricity in and 15kW of heat out is “wrong” but not to see that the other 10kW comes from cooling air or water.

He was basically completely against heat pumps full stop because he believed the only way to produce heat was from the electricity consumed. My simplified explanation is that heat pumps concentrate heat from the environment and that’s why they can work in very low temperatures, even below freezing. He reckoned it was all a con, because “he used to teach physics”.