And we have lost our buyers....grrrhhhhh!

You tell 'em Carol!

absolutely....the condition suspensive either goes in or we dont play.....we are not moving a muscle next time till the money is in our bank...

yes, but you can 'insist' it is in as the seller

ah, a condition suspensive? I thought they were only for the buyers to put in? but I'm no expert.

you mean keep their deposit? they couldnt get the mortgage they needed....its a get out of jail free card! actually...picked up a tip on SFN, we are putting a clause in the next contract, which will mean they need to have their mortgage on line before signing the contract....

Oh bu***r! Can you get any of the deposit back, (as would be the case in UK, I think)?

You are right...but I think there is a time limit, no? am worried if it takes another 2.5 years to find a buyer we could well have to pay again...

Not good. I know it is a pain but take heart Carol that your diagnostic company will come back WHEN, not if, you get a new buyer and update your diagnostiques at no charge. Well they should do!

Carol, put it in bags and sell it. Hereabouts you'd make a fortune. Opened one eye this morning and gave up already.

well we saw the sun here....not a lot...but a bit...and the weather was warm-ish....15 degrees when we went out tonight....something def. happening to the weather...I reckon its summer creeping along under the radar!

32° in Brittany - "F"

we've had a lovely day in the Charente......;p

Nor south...

Well someone must have it in France or is this another Hollande deprivation?

nor east!

Carol do you know something that we don't know? Summer doesn't appear to be coming north of Bergerac!

ah well....summer is coming....not going to let it get us down...thanks everyone...lovely for all the support xxxx

That sounds a bit off, surely if they can get a mortgage on your house, then it's up to them afterwards to save their centimes for the renovations isn't it?

Just lets hope you get a decent buyer soon!

We dont even understand how the couple that were buying from us got a mortgage...we believe they are in their early 70s...

interesting though....they did apparently get a mortgage...but not as big as they wanted. They can afford the house..the extra was for the pool etc...seems all weighted against the seller.