Android televisions

We have a smart TV (in fact 2) and can record on our humax boxes.


It’s a bit of a digression, but I like the idea of a telly with no cables

LG is yet to confirm the TV’s price or availability, but is likely to be more than its 97-inch G2 which costs £24,999

Bloody Nora!

Do they wirelessly beam power to it, I wonder?

I confess it seems to me that rather than really solve the problem of cables, it merely pushes it to a corner of the room somewhere.

It’s early days, as with any new tech

Rechargeable battery so far. Maybe one day…

More toys, while we’re at it

It makes absolutely no odds. Your Humax just gets plugged in same as always.
Android is the operating system - your telly is morphing into a computer like phones. Android is what let’s the Smart bits work keeping it simple

Bloody Nora indeed.!!
Or spend the kid’s inheritance​:joy::joy:

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Thank you. Do you have fibre internet?

No doubt so that if someone pays with £25,000 cash, the assistant will have to ring it up on the till so that they can extract the £1 change required.

They won’t be able to - money laundering and all that.

Yes we do now (in our house) but in fact bought our smart TVs when we had less than 2mb of internet speed most of the time with occasionally a stunning 3mb and in fact we still only have 3mb in the cottage/gite.

Netflix etc etc work perfectly with low internet speeds.

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We have a smart TV but hubby super internet conscious and it isn’t connected to the web. We have our humax box, French TV and a pi for recorded stuff on a USB attached.

So why do you have it?

maybe because these days it’s almost impossible to get an un-smart one :thinking:


Pretty much what Graham said :rofl: our old TV had mountains on it!


Thanks Sue. I read for the HD4K you need a min of 25Mbts download speed but until fiber comes our way HD is enough. I’ll need a VPN too I think.

Amazon say 15Mbps for 4k, I think 25Mbps is what Netflix recommend. How low you can go before either drop you back to full HD I’m not sure - I get about 10Mbps via my VPN, Prime works fine but I don’t think it’s possible to tell definitively whether I’m watching 4k but with the compression turned up, or 1080p.

Our old ISP provided 13-15 Mbps and that was ok for 4k BBC David Attenborough programes.