Any experience with animal sitters?

Our neighbour has a cat as do we. We feed their cat when they’re away and vice-versa. They re away for a month at the moment, so we’re doing the cat sitting for them. It does help that the two cats do get on with each other. And it helps to have a neighbour you can trust.

We are on the UK just now, with our Canadian house sitters looking after our nine cats and farms, we use Trusted House Sitters and Mind My House.
They are a lovely couple who are travelling between countries sightseeing between house sittings, daily updates, videos and have done some jobs for us that were on our to do lists off their own backs to help us out.
We always face time with them first as it beats email/messaging anytime and I always go by first impressions to make my mind up as we have been using house sitters for a few years now.

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I used trusted house sitters and the sitter abandoned the house sit midway.
It turned out she was not even there it was some guy who was a friend of hers who had never met my cat. My piano was damaged slightly when I returned.

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I next used Nomador which was completely different. Sitter signs a contract of no damage etc. Sitter was an Angel and my cat was taken great care of.

Go with your gut and take ppl with recommendations. Meet them FIRST and let your animal meet them.

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