Any seasoned train travellers?

Trolleybuses. :hugs: Much better than ripping up all the streets to install bicycle trapping, unredirectable, trams.

Sorry, I am from Nottingham and remember with fondness my city’s trolleys, and the universal opposition of all my friends and family to the trams. :frowning_face:

Not a huge fan of Limoges, be it driving in, or around, but Brive town centre gets the thumbs up from me.


Martin Smith’s advice is pretty impressive. Not only does he advise on train times and prices but also on bars and brasseries if you have time to kill on a changeover.

I agree with using Trainline. Download the app and it’s a cinch. Also before moving to Paris I learned a lot from this gentleman and his website: TRAIN TRAVEL IN EUROPE | A beginner's guide

I’m feeling pessimistic about being able to use our ferry bookings in July with the new variant situation and restrictions on travel.

If the EU gets to grips with vaccination July could look very different.

I am however losing hope for our planned visit at Easter. Even if it is “just” a test for everyone on the way out and back that’s about £600 extra for the family. Enforced stays in hotels (expensive but doubtless of the least quality they can get away with) or closed borders will make it either impractical or impossible.

Am I right in thinking that the current measures are just for February?

Yes and no. There is no specific date as it all depends on the number of covid cases. So don’t bank on being able to cross borders for anything other than essential journeys by March.

They’re not planning on coming til mid March…apparently, the news in UK is far more optimistic re. being able to travel…according to them, that is.
I can’t comment as I barely watch the news here, never mind the UK.

But travel where…? May well lift the restrictions of travelling within the UK, but optimistic to think you might be able to leave it within next 6 weeks.

As I say Jane, I’m taking their word for it.
I’m already fearful that I won’t get my campsite job this year.
Remaining optimistic is pretty much all I have to go on currently.

If our bookings are anything to go by this might be a bumper year. The French aren’t going anywhere and are all holidaying in France. For the first time ever the whole of the winter holiday is booked though. We always tell people there is no guarantee of snow as we are only at 700m, and one woman replied that she really didn’t care they just wanted to be away from home!

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I’m very happy for your good
Maybe there’s hope for me this year :slightly_smiling_face:


Aagghh , Suze. I thought my French neighbours were trying to poison me when they gave me some.

Hahaha it’s delicious, there are lots of different gentian-based drinks - Salers and Aveze are probably the next best known after Suze :grin:

And such lovely flowers, always a joy to see them here


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Looks more like end March at earliest here…

“Here” as in France in general ; or is it being done by regions?

France in general…it was an interview on the radio this evening so not sure what the source was.