Any thoughts on the best way to transport furniture, etc from the UK to South of France?

My pleasure, I hope all goes well.
Kind regards

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I always use Milen Light Haulage they fill a van every couple of weeks going both ways. You can transport a full van load or a part one. Run by an ex copper who lives in Central France.

We have a couple of pieces of furniture to come over, and annoyingly they are both a very small fraction off fitting into our large estate.
I had also thought of the hire van route but having read the comments above I’m happy to give that a miss.

However they have to come out somehow so I’ll now try the part load route.

Has anyone any experience of such companies operating from southern Scotland to Charente Maritime?

We hired a van in the uk and took it back to the uk.
It was the best option financially, watching out for any stinger extra charges.
Keep shopping around. Good luck

After reading this thread I contacted these people and was very happy with the quote for 2 luton vans taking our stuff from SE London to Charroux (86) £1680 plus vodka and Tonic went the DIY route in July which cost £1000. Hope to be moving middle of October :slight_smile:

Are you saying that despite getting a reasonable quote from CRM you were still able to do it much cheaper yourselves?

I’m very pleased that you are happy with the quote for the 2 vans. Good luck with your move. Kind regards Petra

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Daveellen @Aquitaine

So, I am guessing that you have moved some bits yourself, during a trip over… costing around 1000 and that your official move in the Autumn will be done by the company with 2 Luton vans… ???

Thats correct.

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Appreciate it’s a while since you posted this reply but we’re doing the same with the help of a neighbour who has an HGv licence . We’ve run into the snag mentioned elsewhere here that our house insurance won’t cover our contents whilst in transit. It wouldn’t even cover them in the U.K. unless we used a professional removal company- too late for that now🙈. Did you overcome this issue and if so how? I can’t find any companies online that will insure “DIY “ removals.

@Essexness If there is an accident… provided it is not the fault of your Driver… surely your Goods will be “covered” by the other person… (the person at fault)…

Of course, theft, fire or whatever else… mmm… take a flier on that I suppose.

We moved masses of stuff in the back of the car/trailer UK- France… and never thought/worried about whether or not it was insured…but we kept a close eye on everything… all the way… :zipper_mouth_face:

Where will you b e crossing the channel… ???

Thank you Stella . Appreciate the sentiment and I know you’re trying to help me stem the rising panic lol ! Yes we’ve taken stuff down in the car before and not given it a thought but that was only small stuff like decorating materials, crockery, bedlinen etc to use whilst we were there for a couple of days /weeks. I know it sounds a bit overly dramatic but this will be our entire worldly goods . It would be catastrophic if the whole lot got destroyed in some freak accident . The ex project manager in me tends to explore all eventualities. I’m even trying to find out if our life insurance covers us while we’re in transit! Lol.

Surely Life Insurance covers you… until you are dead… or have I missed the small print… :thinking::relaxed:

Is your driver hiring a lorry for the trip? He should be able to get a single journey policy from someone like

We’re going Eurotunnel- Freight or rather OH and our current neighbour are. It’s a huge lorry so I’ve tried calling our Mairie as it will block the road while we unload and will need to park it somewhere overnight other than outside the house . I can’t get in touch with anyone at the Mairie but left a message on their voicemail. I will try and go see them when I’m there but it’ll be very short notice as they only seem to be open a couple of days a week. Emails to both addresses on their website got returned undeliverable with a message that their mailbox is full - lol! . Our neighbour is a mechanic and a qualified HGV driver . My OH was until revently a taxi/executive private hire driver so they should be ok . We’re taking our elderly cats down by car the week before to help settle them in - also on Eurotunnel . OH will then fly back the next day and spend weekend finishing off any work needed on our house here . It’s a HA rental and we have to make good any holes from stuff on the walls, clean off cobwebs etc etc (list is endless and very annoying as the place was a hovel when we moved here but that’s another story). Hopefully we’ll also have my neighbour’s wife helping out. She’s very practical & will hopefully keep the men in check but I’m mindful OH has never done anything like it before and sometimes he can be a bit too laid back if you follow my drift. :rofl:

Well so I thought too but they rang about something else recently (probably a sales rep). Hubby told them we were moving abroad and they said the policy wouldn’t cover us as it’s only for UK residents. I’ve looked through it and can’t see that anywhere in the policy booklet. Strictly speaking I don’t suppose we’d be resident anywhere whilst in transit nor until we’ve declared ourselves to the French Authorities. I discovered my First Directory insurance doesn’t cover us either - that specifically says it’s only available to U.K. residents. The only time I had to claim on it was when I broke my arm in Vietnam. How living in a different country makes any difference I fail to understand but I guess they have their reasons.

With quite a few things only UK residents can start/open them, but then you can continue to expiry. I had a couple of savings accounts that were only open to UK residents, but they were ok to keep them open once I’d left. I just couldn’t change them. It’s all about the financial regulations that company X is only able to provide services in X country unless they have a specific authorisation (called passporting).

Please do get insurance for the trip over. Your mate may be an experienced HGV driver, but accidents can still happen that would be deemed his fault. He presumably has his own policy to cover him driving.

He’s not a “professional “ lorry driver per se as he doesn’t do removals for a living - he just happens to have an HGV licence & drives them sometimes as well in his car repair business. I know he has cover that allows him to drive his customer’s cars etc and he does often do breakdown recovery and drives heavy lorries for jobs occasionally.

Yes Jane - I’ve found that too and my bank actually opened a new savings account for just that reason. I’ll ask our neighbour if he can organise insurance - none of the companies I’ve tried seem to insure private individuals- they only seem to deal with removal companies.