Anyone using Accu-Chek Mobile or Freestyle Libre for blood sugar testing?

After my cancer treatment my surgeon remarked I was fat on the inside. Visceral fat is deemed to me more dangerous as it builds around the organs. Took a while and a terible photo to get me into keto LCHF.
Easily lost 5" off the waist measurement and keeping it off. Feel better for it. My BIL reversed his type 2 and is off his medication.


There are some quite wide variances per day in your weight chart. I too measure my weight daily but it remains a constant (uless the scales are stuck) :wink:
I weigh in every morning after getting up so basically always the same time - boring or what :roll_eyes: - do you take yours at different times in the day, hence the variances?
I also monitor other indicators daily including mmHg recording time systo/Diasto and pulse which is charted and presented to my MT (and others) on my regular visits to give an overall picture of progress and history which has proved quite useful.

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Like you, I always weigh myself first thing in the morning but my metabolism is such that I can easily put on and take off half a kilo from one day to the next, hence I am fine tuning all the time what I am eating from day to day. For example, I know if I eat lentils, my weight goes up, if I have an egg, my weight comes down. :slight_smile:

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Know also that a number of medications for other things can also cause Type 2 diabetes. Always worth reading the little pamphlet that comes with any medication. Looking it up on Merck can give some surprising info too

That’s a good point @KarenLot and your local pharmacie should be well able to advise you on any contra-indications of concern alongside the other medications being prescribed. IIRC, they can also provide an audit service of your medicaments to ensure that everything is in order.