At Last - For the last time We're on Our Way

Me too, on my way over - in fact over now in the blond area of haute vienne property hunting…there must be a small farmhouse that doesn’t need too too much work doing with a hectare of land and ELAINE BRETT written on it out there…

You have heard about the grève (strike) on Thursday haven't you?

(just kidding)

Like others, good luck Christine - and never forget the support (and even a few arguments) always available on SFN!

Where will you be based?

Good for you...and all the best to you...have not had the troubles in your lives you have had lately, but FINALLY arrived in Provence 9 days ago, with a move that was totally horrendous and exhausting from beginning to the end...and am now working my way through sooo many boxes it's unbelievable, and finding we have a total lack of storage...and finally only a week late the notaire has our money - hurrah...where in la belle France are you? Bon courage... ;) PS! Off to get set up with TV and the rest... :)

I have a little lake.

Yes unpredictable weather.

Hopefully it will change for the better any moment as we all need

to be without rain.

You have your business to focus on.


I will talk to the chap about his garden when I see him but I fear

that he may not have lots of spare pennies as he has used so many

of them on the property.

Good luck Christine for your new adventure

Fields reflooded for the umpteenth time here, no damage though. The hail was impressive and the wind speed indicator on the meteo station spinning like mad.

Good luck! One year in and no regrets!
As far as storms I hope all of you along the west coast are weathering this one.
Thunder, lightning, torrential rain, hailstones, gale-force wind. The lid has blown off the compost bin but there is no way I’m going out after it in this. Probably find it in the farmyard next door in the morning.

Storm with power off several times, 18mm of water in meteo rain trap.

Forget, never. we were in Wales five years before here! ;-)

Best wishes Christine for a smooth move and better weather.... I am in the US right now we had yesterday 3 inches of snow on top of what had fallen previously, this morning the temperature was -6 F ( -21 C) but sunny and clear blue sky.

it's can't be any worse that here - although it is sunshine today, cold, but sunshine... For us this year the weather there will be wonderful - guaranteed some sun in the summer - I think once you've been there a while you forget how bad it was back here......

OK then, see you at the local meeting at Jardiland in April. In the meantime come to join us here in soggy Dordogne, mind you only damp compared with where you are coming from ;-)

All the very best to you both exciting times ahead of you.

A Storm Brewing - what on earth does that mean you're scaring me now x

yes I do too.

They are just down the road and there is a storm brewing in more ways than one.

Spring will come and the Russians will back down....I hope....THE WORLD hopes.

I admire your determination and hope that you will enjoy your new adventure.

Good on’ya Christine. Hope all goes well in the move and let me be the fist to say " bienvenue en France"