Back to the seventies

Yes…but as second homes and retreats in case Paris gets locked up again, in quite a few cases I suspect

In 22 Cotes D’Armor…doctors brill’ …dentists poor, opthalmology…( but not bog standard spectacle dispensers) …disaster,

Strudball this is not true - it may be the case where you are in 22, but it certainly isn’t true where we are. As I posted above, we were previously told there were long delays for opthalmology - but it is not in fact true, you can get an appointment in days.

Oh what a surprise.

They had about 300 applicants (not clear if that is out of the 10,000 including poultry workers or just the 5000 HGV drivers) and can’t even be arsed to process those with any sort of haste.

On a good day I wonder whether the government is deliberately trying to sabotage the country, presumably so Richard Tice can buy a few more failing businesses to asset strip, because their failure seems to transcend the merely uncaring and incompetent.

On a bad day it is blindingly obvious that is what is happening.


Thankfully I personally have zero concerns about doctor availability now or in the future in France. I don’t remember referencing the NHS situation either because, apart from being yet another example of Brexit madness denial, it is of supreme indifference to me :slightly_smiling_face: Thank goodness.

I have a solution. The UK could use their Blackhawks to ferry truck drivers sitting out Sundays in autoroute aires in the North of France to the Home Counties (for let’s face it, that’s the only part of England that matters to Johnson). These drivers could then drive like mad all Sunday and then be ferried back to take to the French roads again on Mondays.

A real win win IMHO. I think I could be in the next honours list for that stroke of genius.

It was a joke people


Its a non-starter I’m afraid.
Unfortunately I can’t find spam to buy in Charente!

thank heavens for that! bleeding awful stuff - too many E numbers