Bank charges for debit cards

They could do lots of things, but you should accept that the mobile phone is becoming the norm.

Unfortunately we can’t receive a mobile phone signal chez nous because we’re at the bottom of a gorge on the Lot. Consequently all our double verification purchases have to be done through my UK Nationwide account which uses a card reader for verification. Some CA regions offer that option, but not ours.

Unfortunately, banking is an area where France lags far behind the UK.

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I have one of those - a tedious procedure, but useful if you are app-ly challenged either by choice or circumstance.

I think I was give it about twenty years ago, but couldn’t see the point of it at the time…

It just takes a few seconds and is no more onerous than using an ATM and certainly preferable to wandering around the garden , waving your phone about in the hope getting a signal*.

Have you tried using the ‘wi-fi calling’ feature on your phone?



To do that, both the phone and your WiFi router have to support Voice over WiFi, and you usually have to have your phone and internet from the same provider. I use RED for internet and phone and it works for me, which was very useful when our mobile signal was terrible. If you do call over WiFi though, it is billed as if you placed the call over the mobile network.

Um - to obtain the cellular network through the internet. Does not apply to you though.

I think it is modernised now so that internet and phone can be different networks. But good point to check out.

Yes they can - at least on my iPhone. Not a feature I use very often but it’s handy to have.

To clarify. My VOIP is on my laptop…internet provider is Bouygues Telecom.
My VOIP is an application downloaded to my laptop though (UK company…servers in London…hence I can call UK at 1p/minute. No install costs/no monthly cost. You just pay for what you use…with auto top-up of of (say) £10 when it gets low.

Nothing to do with each other…